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Simplify document management across Corcentric’s Source-to-Pay Platform with seamless Microsoft integration.

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Microsoft Office


Corcentric customers can utilize Microsoft Office for the web directly in the Corcentric Platform to leverage the features they use most, including user-friendly document editing and sharing.

Microsoft, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Office and Microsoft Word are trademarks of the
Microsoft group of companies.

Key Features

Corcentric Platform users can experience new possibilities with Microsoft Office integration. This integration simplifies collaboration and sharing documents across teams.

Streamline Your Workflow

  • Author Word documents with all edits automatically saved to the Corcentric Platform.
  • Interact with documents without downloading or leaving the Corcentric Platform.

Improve Team Efficiency

  • Easily edit and annotate documents for sharing with
    team members.
  • Manage and restore document versions and revisions from historical copies with ease.
  • Integration with Office boosts efficiency and makes Corcentric’s user-friendly source-to-pay platform even better.

Try Microsoft 365 today by enrolling in an annual or monthly plan for your business.

Corcentric Platform users who hold active Office 365 subscriptions are already eligible to utilize the benefits of Microsoft Word integration with Corcentric. Those without active Microsoft subscriptions can start by enrolling their business in an annual or monthly plan today.

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Technical FAQs

Microsoft Office integration optimizes document management for Corcentric Platform users.

What is the significance of Corcentric becoming a Microsoft Office Cloud Storage Partner?

Participating in the Microsoft Office Cloud Storage Partner program indicates that Corcentric is an established and experienced provider. Corcentric Platform users can benefit from the integration with Office for the web through optimized document management.

Where can I leverage the Office integration within the Corcentric Platform?

Corcentric Contract Lifecycle Management users can manage documents through Microsoft Word. There are plans to introduce Microsoft Office for the web to the rest of the Corcentric Platform modules soon.

How does Microsoft Office integration improve the Corcentric Platform?

Microsoft Office integration enables multiple users to edit documents directly in Microsoft Word without downloading the file. This can boost efficiency by eliminating the need to send documents back and forth for review.

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