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Provigis, created in 2009, helps French companies manage their suppliers’ compliance strategies through the Provigis Cloud solution, which collects, authenticates, and validates documents and data from suppliers to guarantee that they are compliant with local and international regulations. Companies rely on Provigis to help carry out their “Duty of Care / Duty of Vigilance” requirements under French law, and to prevent social, environmental, and governance risks related to their activities.

Key Features

  • Data scrubbing and verification, registration, and onboarding of existing and new suppliers
  • Collection and authentication of all mandatory supplier documents under French law (KBIS, URSSAF, etc.)
  • Reminders and notifications sent to suppliers before document expiration to make sure their profile is always up to date
  • API integration with the Corcentric Platform to manage supplier risks and compliance processes, from onboarding to certification, in a single solution
  • Integrated and unified view of supplier risk and compliance within the Corcentric Platform
  • Reduction in data access issues by leveraging multiple data sources
  • Extension of supplier performance, corporate sustainability, and wider compliance assessments to your supply base by identifying suppliers you are working with that meet your requirements
Nawel Yaiche
AP and Procurement Manager, SQLI
“SQLI adds about 10 new suppliers to our suppliers panel every day, which meant supplier certification tasks were very time consuming. Thanks to the Corcentric Platform integration with Provigis, we improved Procurement team performance by automating many manual processes and making supplier data more reliable and centralized on one unique platform. For our employees it means more visibility; They know immediately if the suppliers they want to work with are certified or not.”

Supplier Data Collection and Cleaning

Provigis collects, scrubs, and enriches supplier data. Existing supplier profiles are directly accessible from the Corcentric Platform; new suppliers are invited to create a Provigis account and to provide all their legal and mandatory documents under French law (KBIS, URSAFF and LNTE).

People meeting overhead

Supplier Collaboration

Every week, non-compliant suppliers (i.e., those with missing, expiring, or expired documents) are notified by Provigis that their profiles need to be reviewed and must connect to Provigis to update their details or expired documents.

Risk: You can’t manage what you can’t see:


of organizations have a fair to very limited knowledge of risk + compliance issues.


do not utilize tracking tools to
enable real-time reporting.


cite difficulty in understanding
enterprise-wide risk exposures.

Source: KPMG Third Party Risk Management Outlook 2020

Supplier Legal Documents Certification

All documents provided by suppliers are reviewed and validated automatically by the Provigis Bot, or manually by the Provigis team. Suppliers who provide all the required documents get a “compliance certificate” after their documents have been validated.

API Integration

Supplier certification status is available in the Corcentric Platform via an API integration with Provigis to help identify suppliers that meet legal and corporate requirements.

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