Electronic Invoice Presentation and Payment (EIPP)

Lee Allen
By Lee Allen | January 20, 2012
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EIPP is the well known acronym for electronic invoice presentation and payment. EIPP refers to the sending of a customer’s electronic invoice using the internet, and their ability to pay that invoice online also. Successfully offering electronic invoice presentation and payment will instantly grant your company high status over others who do not. This edge EIPP gives you can be invaluable in attracting customers to your company over others occupying your market niche.

How customers respond to Electronic Invoice Presentation and Payment

For those customers less acquainted with electronic invoices the concept may appear daunting. It is up to you to explain the process of electronic invoice presentation and payment in a way that they will appreciate and trust. Customers who are familiar with EIPP will be highly appreciative of your offering it to them!

Electronic invoice presentation and payment offers customers a secure and immediate way to view invoices for services they have received. EIPP then allows them to pay these invoices immediately also using a secure internet page on your website. This allows better financial management for you and the customer; you as you can instantly begin receiving interest on the money they have transferred, and them, because they are able to see their changed bank balance and not perceive themselves richer than they are.

What are the advantages of EIPP for you?

Electronic invoice presentation and payment is a popular feature of a modern company for more reasons than customer satisfaction. When looking to the alternative to EIPP this becomes clear. Electronic invoice presentation and payment relieves the need to print and post paper invoices to all customers. Therefore money is saved by EIPP in terms of printing costs, purchasing a folder inserter to envelope invoices and postage costs. Equally fewer employees will be needed to run an electronic invoice presentation and payment system so further money is saved.

EIPP helps you to be a more environmentally friendly company also, which is important in the modern world. Many customers will assess a company’s green credentials before choosing them. Using electronic invoice presentation and payment means you avoid the paper usage involved in sending invoices, not to mention the paperwork associated with old fashioned payment methods.

Outsourced Electronic Invoice Presentation and Payment

If EIPP seems like a complicated system to pioneer, you may consider outsourcing the task to a company who specializes in electronic invoice presentation and payment, such as Corcentric. This could be beneficial if you have a large or diverse client base as Newsnet can show you the best way to accommodate all their needs while remaining a modern company.

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