The sidekick for every credit collection superhero

By Corcentric | July 26, 2016
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The sidekick for every credit collection superhero

Every hero needs a sidekick and credit controllers are no exception.  Over the years, Netsend has become known as a trusty sidekick, a secret weapon in supporting the credit function for businesses all over the world.

Credit Collection Super Powers:
X-Ray Vision

Having an audit trail is like X-Ray vision into your credit collection process.  As the most common reason for non-payment is “I didn’t receive the invoice”, seeing exactly who this really applies to can help laser-target resends and follow-ups.

Quickly identify, at a glance, who has not received or read their invoice (or other communications), as well as payment status.  Exception reports can be generated at the touch of a button, and reminders triggered automatically.

Corcentric removes uncertainty through improving visibility of the credit collection process.

Speed-of-light Automation

In a fast-paced world, superheroes need to move at the speed of light.  Automating the mundane tasks of invoice creation and distribution frees up credit controllers and accounts receivable teams to focus on higher-value work, such as chasing payments, getting the cash in quickly and mitigating against bad debt.  AR Automation is one of the cornerstones of Corcentric’s value in the credit collection process.

Very few businesses are able to convert 100% of their customers to e-invoicing.  At Corcentric we understand this and support those who need paper invoices – automating the print and postage – alongside electronic invoicing.

With automated invoicing and credit collection processes, human error is replaced with superhuman accuracy – reducing wasted time.

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Faster than a Speeding Bullet

Getting payments in more quickly is a credit controller’s daily battle. Netsend takes this up a notch, sending invoices, dunning letters, statements and other documents electronically.

Revolutionise your credit collection processes with the speed and accuracy of an automated digital solution.  Faster than the post and well… faster than a speeding bullet too.

Saving the Planet

Save the planet, one invoice at a time.  Reduce carbon emissions to a fraction of traditional print and post processes.  With electronic invoicing, you are not just removing the cost and carbon from paper use and postage, but all the hardware overheads of printing and envelop-stuffing too.  At Netsend, we know great power comes with great responsibility; which is why we help global businesses slash their document distribution carbon footprint.

Integration, not Assimilation

Are you fighting against time, manually keying invoice data into customer payment portals?  As more customers automate their payment systems, there is an increasing volume and variety of these portals to work with.

Netsend saves the day by integrating seamlessly with these portals – connecting and presenting invoicing data in the exact way they each need.

Power to the People

At Netsend, we know credit controllers are superheroes who care deeply about their customers.  As the perfect sidekick, Netsend empowers customers to query invoices online, download duplicates or print back copies.  Save your customer service and support staff from individual requests – put the power in your customers’ hands.

Customers can even send an intention to pay, or pay directly online via the Netsend Portal.  If their contact details change, the portal gives customers a quick and easy place to register changes… no hanging in a phone queue delaying other customers with more pressing needs.

Making the Future Happen Now

e-invoicing is the future, there’s no debate left to have.  But sometimes customers need a helping hand to see the benefits.  At Corcentric, we pride ourselves on converting our clients’ customers to e-invoicing with superhuman speed (over 80% adoption within 12 months).  This can help your business experience the benefits of e-invoicing and AR automation more quickly, shortening the time to profit and creating a faster return on investment.

So, are you a credit control hero in need of a trusty sidekick?  Are you looking to rescue your business from the inefficiencies of paper-based invoicing?  Talk to us today and experience your new secret weapon for credit collection.

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