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Corcentric offers industry-leading supply chain Consulting Services

Our team of intelligent, experienced and motivated individuals works closely with our clients to observe current practices, assess trends, and achieve value-added results. We leverage dynamic market intelligence to provide invaluable services, including Industry Benchmarking, Market Research, Spend Analysis, and much more. Welcome to the future of Procurement.

Audit Services

At Corcentric, our best-in-class audit services can help to mitigate the difficulty that comes with tracking costs and matching expenditures to specific contracts or POs. Our audit team can conduct invoice and contract reviews, ultimately leading to cost recoveries when errors and overcharges are exposed. Our collaborative approach to procurement audits gives our clients a clear view of their expenditures and builds a foundation to implement best practices for future spend-management.

Learn more about how our Audit Services yield cost recovery for our clients.

Benchmarking Services

Corcentric has the market intelligence and experience necessary to accurately benchmark suppliers and solve complicated sourcing problems. Using our large arsenal of benchmarking resources, we provide our clients with industry insight and analysis for pricing, contract terms, and other dimensions across many spend categories. At Corcentric, we tailor our benchmarking services to our clients’ specific needs. Ultimately, our goal is to provide companies with viable recommendations and sustainable procurement strategies.

Find out more about Corcentric’s dynamic Benchmarking services.

Diversity and Minority Spend

Corcentrichelps companies to tap into a diverse supply chain and optimize their minority spend. We can assist you in the development evolution of relationships with suppliers from minority population groups. Implementing a supplier diversity program can be both ethically responsible and profitable in the long run.

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E-Procurement Advisory & Selection

Over the years, our team has developed an extensive network of leading suppliers in all aspects of e-procurement. At Corcentric, we help our clients to choose the e-procurement tools and services that fit their unique requirements. We also provide a completely free set of online e-procurement tools, available to the public at

Learn more about how Corcentric can help with e-procurement system implementation and our free online sourcing tools.

Market Research and Intelligence

By leveraging market intelligence, Corcentric helps companies to reduce procurement costs, develop specialized strategies, drive new business, and increase efficiency. When we partner with a client, we bring to the table a wealth of dynamic market intelligence and insight, as well as a skillful team with the tools, technology and experience necessary to conduct useful research and analysis.

Find out more about how our Market Research Services can help to optimize your supply chain.

Merger and Acquisition Clean Room

Corcentric can help your business to optimize all levels of its supply chain following a merger. Our Merger and Acquisition experts will develop a dynamic plan that offers quality, confidentiality, and value. We provide a wide array of M&A and Clean Room services to help transition and amalgamate your existing supplier agreements and contracts.

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Outsourced Project Management

Corcentric can provide your business with a custom-tailored procurement outsourcing or project management solution. We have a long-term management focus, and strive for post-contract award, savings implementation, and the development of long-standing, mutually-beneficial relationships with all of our clients. Our sourcing specialists have successfully assumed and managed projects across hundreds of spend categories in virtually every industry.

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Procurement Transformation Advisory

At Corcentric, we are dedicated to enhancing, improving, and transforming all of our clients’ procurement processes. We have decades of knowledge and experience that we can apply to virtually any company in any industry. Our expert team of procurement advisors can help to automate approval procedures, implement compliance programs, and drive overall efficiency.

Read more about how we can help to redesign and optimize your procurement processes.

RFP Response Consulting for Sales

As the industry leader provider of supply chain consulting services, Corcentric has successfully led thousands of RFx and sourcing events. Our team knows exactly what companies are looking for, and can help to build a Request for Proposal process to win business and maximize savings. Our RFP sales consulting goes way beyond price; we also evaluate supplier responsiveness, customer service, innovation, product quality, sustainability, and more.

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Spend Analysis Services

At Corcentric, we understand how to optimize our clients’ procurement processes through critical analysis and achieve the highest possible value. We start by conducting an extensive spend analysis, in order to identify the most promising opportunities for savings. Our consultants will dig deep into your spend history, consolidating, scrubbing, classifying, and analyzing the supply chain data across your entire organization.

Learn more about Corcentric’s innovative and effective approach to spend analysis.

Supplier Relationship Management

In order to get the most out of your supply chain, it is essential to maintain quality relationships with all of your vendors. At Corcentric, we can help to manage your affairs with suppliers and facilitate healthy communication, which will lead to greater implicit and explicit value. Our strategic sourcing experts have unmatched experience in the field of supplier relationship management.

Learn more about our supplier management solutions.

Training Programs

Corcentric has the resources and experience necessary to implement a dynamic training program to address any specific issues that your organization may face. Our procurement training experts are well aware of the skills and capabilities that are essential to becoming a seasoned sourcing professional and adding value to a corporation.

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