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Boost Efficiency and Collaboration with a Finance Transformation

Accounts Receivable Transformation from Corcentric Eliminates Paper-Based Processes and Boosts Results

Remove complexities and boost Finance’s efficiency with Accounts Receivable Transformation from Corcentric.

Accounts Receivable is a top concern for today’s CFOs. That makes sense. High-performing AR units are directly related to healthy cash flow and working capital. Unfortunately, inefficiencies throughout Accounts Receivable’s make AR more of a headache than an opportunity. That’s especially true in decentralized organizations where companies sell products through dealerships and distributors.

Why You Need Accounts Receivable Transformation

  • Paper-based processes are inherently inefficient and time-consuming.
  • Manual Accounts Receivable processes are prone to human error
  • The traditional approach to Accounts Receivable provides little visibility into the payment cycle.
  • Errors and exceptions throughout Accounts Receivable processes keep Finance from reaching their full potential.

CFOs are meant to spend their time managing cash and working capital. Oftentimes, however, they’re tasked with time-consuming processes that keep them from pursuing high-impact initiatives. An Accounts Receivable Transformation could turn the tide and empower your entire organization to reach its full potential. Don’t just settle for good enough.

Benefits of Accounts Receivable Transformation

  • Automation and simplification of core processes
  • Total visibility into the payment and purchasing life cycle
  • Opportunities to reallocate staff for more strategic initiatives
  • Cloud-based solutions that eliminate the need to invest in equipment
  • New insights from customer and sales analytics

Contact the Accounts Receivable Transformation Team

Corcentric’s Accounts Receivable Transformation experts have what it takes to bring your Finance team into a new, strategic digital era. Stop wasting time pushing paper and struggling to gain insights into Accounts Payable’s processes. With a newly empowered CFO and Finance team, you’ll better pursue cost reduction and opportunities and more effectively drive change. Want to gain additional visibility into your organization’s purchases and supplier relationships? Don’t forget to ask about a Spend Analysis and Opportunity Assessment from Corcentric’s Spend Management team.

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