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Comprehensive Procurement Strategies and Techniques

Creating a successful robust and responsive supply chain requires a comprehensive approach to demand planning, strategic sourcing and a shift from the traditional “us versus they” mindset in supplier relationship management.

The strategies you use to approach your procurement initiatives will have a long-term impact on the results you receive.

Corcentric will help you develop the appropriate strategies, whether they involve the use of technologies or negotiation tactics, we can help develop a unique strategy that fits your business needs.

To survive and thrive within an increasingly competitive marketplace, organizations must adapt to the new collaborative model that enhances predictability, visibility, and responsiveness throughout the supply chain.

Your sourcing strategy must consider all of these disciplines and more to achieve overall organizational responsiveness and, as a result, competitive advantage.

Procurement strategies within a business enterprise can vary significantly by commodity:

As a Procurement Services Provider, Corcentric’s experience and guidance can assist in the development of procurement strategies and the prioritization of initiatives. Whether aimed at specific internal processes or applied across the extended supply chain, the strategies will provide a return on investment (ROI), return on effort, and return on time driven to support your critical business objectives.

In addition, Corcentric has the expertise and tools to help analyze and manage your spend and take it through the entire RFP or Bid Management portion of the sourcing process.

Transforming Procurement’s Role

Corcentric offers a suite of Procurement Transformation support services intended to maximize the function’s impact and efficiency. Historically, internal stakeholders have viewed Procurement as something between a nuisance and a necessary evil. Bring those days to an end with our help.

Optimizing Procurement’s Brand

Procurement requires a strong, impactful brand identity to recruit talent, drive enterprise-wide initiatives, and deliver on its own strategic objectives. Though practitioners are well aware of Procurement’s potential, leaders from other units are rarely on-board. Corcentric’s brand optimization team embeds themselves within your organization and does what it take to build a strong and sustainable brand for your Procurement function.

Marketing Procurement’s Value

Procurement departments have come a long way over the last decade, but they’ve still got a ways to go. Though the function has proven itself capable of guiding initiatives and producing value. Corcentric provides the hands-on service to market Procurement’s value to internal stakeholders and ensures its strategic evolution continues.

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