Corcentric Procurement Technology Advisory Services

Procurement Technology Adoption & Change Management Support

Corcentric Procurement Technology Advisory team helps clients identify and implement solutions to support Procurement’s efforts

Our Adoption and Change Management services help Procurement teams maximize the ROI of their technology.

Procurement Technology Adoption & Change Management Services from Corcentric ensure your organization is ready to hit the ground running and continually adapt alongside its tools.

Your Procurement team has assessed its needs, surveyed the market, and even finished implementing its new technology.  Now they can sit back and watch the tool deliver, right? Wrong. Adopting a Procurement technology is a process all its own, a process that requires the same careful consideration and deliberate pacing as the processes before it. When organizations leave their Procurement unit to go it alone, the results are often disappointing. Slow or incomplete adoption, internal friction, and miscommunication abound as Procurement struggles to get the rest of the organization on-board.

Corcentric’s Procurement Technology Advisers make this complicated process simple. Whether you’re adopting a new eSourcing suite, contract management solution, or any other Procurement tool – we’re prepared to smooth the transition and provide for continuous growth. Even a minor technology upgrade requires major changes. Trust our Procurement Technology team to carry out these changes and provide for optimal performance.

Procurement Technology Adoption and Change Management

  • Assisting Procurement in redesigning its processes and procedures to accommodate its new technology.
  • Working alongside Procurement to re-align its organizational structure, update existing responsibilities, and establish new roles.
  • Leveraging supply management best practices to establish metrics for the success of Procurement’s new tools.
  • Facilitating the deployment and roll-out of any new technologies to ensure an effective transition.
  • Supporting the phasing and pilot design for Procurement’s new technology to maximize enablement across the business.
  • Developing process guides and training tools to ensure quick adoption and optimal results.

You’ve spent time and money arriving at the right Procurement solution. Don’t risk carrying out the adoption process on your own. Contact our Procurement Technology advisers today.

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