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Procurement Technology Selection Services

Corcentric Procurement Technology Advisory team helps clients identify and implement solutions to support Procurement’s efforts

Procurement Technology Requirements Gathering and Supplier Selection Services

Requirements Gathering and Vendor Selection from Corcentric’s Procurement Technology Advisers helps organizations establish world-class supply chain partnerships.

Across every industry, Procurement professionals are eager to embrace new technologies and embark on a digital Procurement Transformation. Oftentimes, this eagerness leads Procurement to jump into the technology landscape without a full understanding of their organization’s unique needs let alone how they may evolve. As a result, Procurement teams are left spinning their wheels trying to make sense of platform after platform or worse: implementing a tool that lacks the true functionality the team needs.

Corcentric’s Procurement Technology advisers save Procurement teams the overwhelm of navigating the vast P2P and S2P technology landscape by focusing what’s most crucial: addressing business objectives – beginning with defining  feature and functionality requirements. Our technology consultants partner with client Procurement teams to assess the function’s maturity and answer the following questions:

  • What are the challenges Procurement is looking to address with its new technology?
  • How will a new technology make it easier to deliver on Procurement’s business objectives?
  • Which processes is Procurement looking to amend? How will a new solution help?
  • Are Procurement’s people equipped to implement and leverage a new solution?
  • How can Procurement best align its new solution to enhance the business?
  • What level of implementation support will Procurement require?

With Procurement technology requirements defined, Corcentric’s technology advisers facilitate the vendor selection process. Leveraging the findings from the procurement technology Requirements Gathering process, years of sourcing experience, and wealth of market intelligence, we’ll help identify best-fit technology providers.

Our Procurement Technology Supplier Selection services include the following support:

  • Our Procurement Technology Supplier Selection team will create a shortlist of technology providers customized to Procurement’s requirements.
  • Next, our Procurement Technology Supplier Selection experts will assist Procurement in designing targeted, impactful RFP documents.
  • Then, we’ll execute sourcing events to engage with suppliers capable of serving Procurement’s needs.
  • Once the sourcing event is complete, our Supplier Selection team will evaluate and score responses.
  • After down-selecting to top Procurement Technology providers, we’ll facilitate technology demonstrations.
  • Finally, we’ll aid Procurement in selecting its new technology provider and negotiating a high-value contract.

Call Corcentric’s Procurement Technology advisers today to take the next step toward your digital transformation. From Needs Identification through to Implementation and Ongoing Improvements, our advisers offer the support necessary to optimize your organization’s approach to Procurement technology.

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