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Cost Reduction & Procurement Support for Cybersecurity Products and Services

Corcentric’s strategic sourcing experts help leading companies develop actionable IT security requirements and partner with best-in-class cybersecurity suppliers and solutions to support those requirements.

Since 1992, the Cost Reduction and Category Management experts at Corcentric have helped companies all over the country to adapt Strategic Sourcing for the IT spend category.  Our IT strategic sourcing team understands how the technology required to run an organization is constantly evolving, and with that so is the complexity of threats against it. The various IT security services and toolsets that every company implements must be able to work together to provide both a proactive and reactive security experience.  Backed by decades of strategic sourcing experience and extensive IT market intelligence, Corcentric’s cybersecurity sourcing team helps clients make informed decisions in purchasing a security solution that is flexible, adaptable and resilient to change in relation to future services.

Corcentric’s Information Technology Security Sourcing team provides the expertise required to proactively manage common cybersecurity challenges, define business and technical requirements, and recommend strategies to reduce IT security costs by creating increased visibility into your organization’s technology, resources, services, and suppliers.

Corcentric’s customized Cybersecurity strategic sourcing service offering includes:

  • Requirements Analysis: Our IT strategic sourcing and category team can help you define your organization’s IT security objectives to ensure optimal integration of new security solutions with overall IT architecture.
  • Sourcing StrategyCorcentric’s cybersecurity procurement experts will help establish IT security requirements and technical details and develop a corresponding RFI and/or RFP for all related expenditures including hardware, software licenses, and vendor maintenance support.
  • Market Analysis: Corcentric’s IT sourcing experts understand current market trends and can ensure that your infrastructure is architected to meet cybersecurity regulations (e.g., PCI, SOC2, GLBA, HIPAA, HITECH etc.) while addressing evolving requirements for future growth.
  • Benchmarking: Leveraging our dynamic IT market intelligence, our cybersecurity cost reduction experts can  compare your IT security and support costs against the market and qualify alternate cybersecurity suppliers that can provide similar services at a reduced cost.
  • Project Management: Corcentric’s IT project management professionals can assist your mission-critical security initiatives by providing the technical PMO support to facilitate cross-functional collaboration and milestone achievement

Our IT procurement experts understand the challenges of securing an organization’s data and electronic infrastructure, and how IT security solutions require a combination of proprietary technology, experienced resources, and demonstrated processes to secure your organization’s environment, adhere to compliance requirements, and protect your data. Contact Corcentric’s cybersecurity cost reduction team today for support in meeting your critical IT security requirements without breaking the bank.

Information Technology Strategic Sourcing Resources

Corcentric’s team of Information Technology procurement professionals and Cybersecurity marketplace Subject Matter Experts can help your company purchase diverse products and service such as:

  • Firewall, Web Filtering, and Email
  • Enterprise Mobility Management
  • IT Security Consulting
  • Security Incident & Threat Management
  • Vulnerability Scanning Services
  • Web Security Services

IT Managed Services Strategic Sourcing

Companies everywhere use the support of third parties to help them manage their Information Technology systems and business functions.  Cybersecurity, Help Desk, Data Center Management – all these IT Services come at a high cost, and managers are under pressure to find creative ways to save money without compromising the end user’s experience or hinder core functions. When outsourcing IT services, the best companies approach the marketplace with the goal of establishing strategic business partnerships – and to achieve that, they turn to Corcentric’s extensive market intelligence and IT procurement experts.  Corcentric’s category experts work as an extension of your internal procurement and IT teams to:

  • Right-size IT service requirements
  • Navigate the IT managed services marketplace
  • Identify IT managed service providers with matching capabilities
  • Develop a balanced scorecard to qualify IT managed services providers
  • Negotiate for optimal SLAs, rates, terms, and conditions based on actionable market intelligence
  • Implement solid IT service contracts and ensure internal and external compliance

Lean on Corcentric’s IT Managed Services strategic sourcing team to help you deliver value to your internal customers with high quality and consistent IT services.

IT Managed Services Procurement Support

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