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Cost Reduction Services for Operations and Facilities IT Systems

Corcentric’s Operations and Facilities System Strategic Sourcing experts can help to determine best-fit technology and systems at the best price to help you manage your facilities and operations efficiently.

Operational systems can ensure your end user requests, preventative maintenance schedules, and inspection and testing cycles are kept up to date and managed efficiently. But the process of identifying and selecting systems to support operations and facilities management presents unique challenges that require more than a purely technical review. Corcentric’s facilities and operational systems strategic sourcing team brings an operational perspective to the sourcing process to ensure that the identification and implementation of these key systems are aligned to the operational needs and requirements of your organization, at the best possible price.

As you look to manage multiple locations and facilities, Corcentric’s IT Cost Reduction and Operations experts can help to review current software in use and support the optimization of systems to ensure operations across multiple locations are interconnected as needed.  Our strategic sourcing team can ensure your organization right-sizes requirements, understands total cost of ownership, and selects the best facilities and maintenance systems to:

  • Track and manage end user requests related to facilities needs
  • Track assets such as equipment, furniture, parts, and spares across multiple locations
  • Monitor and control electrical, fire, and security systems through a building management system (BMS/BAS)
  • Efficiently allocate space and plan/manage moves within facilities
  • Track preventative maintenance, testing, and inspection schedules and associated work orders
  • Manage a parts/asset database and establish re-order notifications
  • Track and manage environmental programs and impact through an environmental management system (EMS)

Corcentric’s operations IT sourcing experts will conduct a review of current facilities systems and software across your locations, and within key operations, to identify areas of opportunity for upgrading, replacing, consolidating, or integrating existing assets based on future operational goals as well as current market trends. Corcentric’s facilities and MRO cost reduction experts focus on understanding progression with the market and can help develop roadmaps to ensure that your operations are prepared for growth and structured to enable efficiency within facilities and maintenance management.

We know how important it is to select the right facilities and operations management software but also manage costs when it comes to proactively addressing space/move management within your facilities. Corcentric’s experience with maintenance and operational processes coupled with our expertise in strategic sourcing and cost reduction for different technologies and systems allows us to help clients define their strategic objectives and align supplier and product selection to those goals.

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Strategic Sourcing Approach

Corcentric’s Strategic Sourcing Team understands your company’s Facilities & Operations Management IT System Requirements:

  • Managing end user requests from facilities perspective
  • Managing maintenance, inspection, testing cycles and due dates
  • Allocating space efficiently
  • Parts and equipment tracking/cross location tracking

Our IT and Facilities Management cost reduction experts wrote the book on Strategic Sourcing, and we have adapted our proven process to fit the complex requirements of the Operations Systems spend category:

  • Incumbent Negotiations: Corcentric can leverage its market intelligence to identify what is attainable in a negotiation with your incumbent supplier from a pricing, terms and conditions, and service level perspective.
  • Sourcing Strategy: We can help you to define your requirements and by drafting and administering an RFI and/or RFP, completing a competitive analysis, assisting with negotiations, and supporting change management of key operational or facility support systems. Through this process we can help to assess and negotiate all aspects of implementing a new solution from software licensing, hardware and infrastructure requirements, customization and configuration, implementation services, and change management!
  • Trends: Corcentric focuses on understanding current market trends and can help develop roadmaps to ensure that your operations are structured to support future growth and evolving requirements for efficient operations and facilities management.
  • Benchmarking: We provide custom benchmark reporting to measure your software licensing and support costs against the contracts of your peers and competitors.

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