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Strategic Sourcing Data Center Management

Expertise in a Variety of Specialty Sourcing Focus Areas

Strategic Sourcing for Data Center Management

Corcentric’s data center management strategic sourcing experts help you keep your business and IT infrastructure running around the clock.

As a company’s IT portfolio changes, so too do the skills and experience necessary to manage the data within it. The best companies manage data as an asset, just like facilities, capital, and staff. Whether your data centers are on-site or remote, you need security, redundancy, and flexibility. More importantly, you need to trust that your service providers have the right qualifications to manage the critical security, maintenance, hardware support, and monitoring to keep your business running. Corcentric is well-versed in the data center management provider search, and has a proven history of analyzing service levels, maintenance agreements, and market conditions to support the stability and operational status of your data center infrastructure.

Corcentric will help you identify and qualify the key capabilities for your data center management service providers:

  • Flexibility to meet requirements
  • Continuity of operations (COOP) and disaster recovery
  • Sustainable total cost of ownership and lifecycle data management
  • Virtualization and hardware consolidation and optimization

With over 20 years of experience helping companies manage their spend, Corcentric is able to take a deep look into contract terms and fee formats to eliminate excess and select new suppliers that have the right experience providing site infrastructure support services.

Let Corcentric help you find the best providers and prices for essential services such as server consolidation and virtualization, systems storage and applications migration, network storage solutions, and preventive maintenance and sanitation of storage hardware. Corcentric can support all aspects of data center management including outsourced staffing and maintenance.

Gain visibility into this essential vehicle for your business’ successful operations. Let Corcentric help you realize hidden savings from your data center management agreements. Contact us today.

Information Technology Category Management Expertise

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IT Category Management Expertise.

Hosting and Colocation

To manage hosting, colocation, and cloud services, support continuity of operations, enable recovery, and prevent outages, the best companies need trusted partners. They turn to Corcentric to help them find those partners.

We’ll help you develop and refine requirements, negotiate the best agreements, and manage implementation for your best-fit cloud solutions.

Sourcing Qualified Hosting, Colocation, and Cloud Service Providers

IT Managed Services Sourcing

The tasks associated with help desk, production, and maintenance services can represent additional burdens on your IT workforce. By outsourcing these functions, you can free up your own resources to focus on more critical activities.

Corcentric is the ideal partner. We work directly with your teams, co-develop strategic plans, and manage the sourcing and selection of the right IT managed service providers who will support the needs of your organization.

Sourcing IT Managed Services

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