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Strategic Sourcing Solutions for Commercial Photography Services

Corcentric’s commercial photography strategic sourcing experts understand the criticality of brand imagery and have the category experience necessary for helping you find the right photographer to meet your organization’s unique creative needs.

Commercial photography is a powerful tool for attracting new business,  achieving product distinction, and targeting a specific audience by appealing to their unique lifestyle. It is critical for showing, not just telling, prospective consumers that your brand stands for quality and value. Effective commercial photographers understand brand needs and create imagery that speaks directly to customers through advertising campaigns and catalog shoots. They deliver results focused on brand messaging consistency and strict adherence to product schedules. With vast marketing sourcing expertise and deep category knowledge in product photography sourcing, Corcentric can assist you in choosing the right commercial photography studio to fit your brands’ unique style and needs.

While product photography is a broad field, there are countless niche studios that make sourcing viable photographers complex. Product photography studios may lack the skills or tools to manage an organization’s real estate shoot. A focus on high-end luxury shoots may not adapt well to high volume assignments and fast turnaround schedules. It is therefore important to select a studio capable of meeting your organization’s specific needs:

  • A portfolio focused on your product category rather than a broad, general history of commercial photography.
  • Experience targeting your market to develop imagery that speaks directly to your audience.
  • A full range of services to fit into your workflow, including any prepress and output needs not fulfilled by other suppliers.
  • A demonstrated ability to manage timelines that are in line with your production schedules.
  • Consistent output in terms of adhering to the specific look and feel of your brands.
  • Geographical proximity to reduce shipping time and costs of sample products.

Corcentric’s team of commercial photography sourcing experts have developed a proven process for identifying the right commercial photography studio for each client’s individual needs.

  • Develop an understanding of your overarching brand messaging and style, as well as your target audience.
  • Review existing photography studio relationships to gain an understanding of the current state.
  • Establish internal workflow process, including studio retouching, prepress, and production schedules.
  • Gather specifications and requirements for all print and digital media outlets where photography appears.
  • Establish a clear scope or work, detailing your studio photography needs.
  • Develop and execute a Request for Proposal (RFP) detailing requirements of the photography services, and other qualitative requirements such as industry/product category expertise and access to various data sources.
  • Conduct studio portfolio reviews and/or demo shoots to evaluate studio output.
  • Evaluate vendor responses, scorecard proposals, and determine finalists based on a set of selection criteria.
  • Negotiate pricing structure and contract terms based on market intelligence.
  • Establish a transparent compensation structure outlining hourly rates, markups on materials, and other expenses.
  • Implement contract and ensure service levels and overall client expectations are met.

Corcentric has a wealth of experience in identifying key players in the commercial photography market with the category focus and the skillsets required to meet the needs of specific product or brand goals. Our experienced product photography sourcing professionals can work with your marketing team to establish a clear, detailed scope of work and selection criteria that will serve as a guide during the studio identification process.

Contact our strategic sourcing experts to learn more about how Corcentric can help you optimize your commercial photography budget.

Marketing and Advertising Strategic Sourcing Solutions

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With the constant use of mobile devices and social media, simply relying on your website alone is not enough to remain competitive in the digital marketing landscape. Today, companies must complement their traditional marketing campaigns (direct mail, commercials, etc.) with digital strategies such as search engine optimization, digital media buying, and more. Corcentric’s digital agency sourcing experts can help you partner with the right firm, balancing the often overlooked IT requirements behind digital strategies with the creative capabilities that speak to your company’s vision.

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