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Trust Corcentric’s Marketing sourcing team to optimize your direct marketing spend and identify world-class branded content providers.

Whatever industry your organization operates in, Direct Marketing will serve an important role in your Marketing strategy. Direct Marketing encompasses any strategies where you are selling direct to your consumer base through the use of advertising and branded content. Marketers must be in-tune with their consumers to understand the most effective channels for their Direct Marketing advertisements and what messaging will be most impactful. Marketers need agile partners who can continually adapt to the changing customer preferences. Corcentric understands the importance of finding a partner who can deploy campaigns based on your organizational goals.

Branding is an essential part of any Marketing activity, as such, it is essential that all elements of your advertisements have branding elements that are aligned with your requirements.  Your Marketing partners are responsible for producing assets that meet those standards – whether that be artwork files or printed coupons – the format, coloring, messaging, etc. must be in line with the organizations requirements.

Selecting partners to produce these branded assets on your behalf can be a daunting task. You must ensure that they have the capabilities to perform the tasks requested, produce high quality assets, understand your branding and messaging, and can be flexible to changing requirements. Corcentric has experience working with various types of Direct Marketing vendors who are able to provide turn-key solutions or produce just an element of the campaign. Our team of Marketing SMEs understands the components of a Marketing campaign and can work with your team to identify partners who are best-suited to meet your needs.

Our team of experts has experience working with clients from a variety of industries to identify all types of Direct Marketing partners, including, but not limited to the following:

Direct Mail

Direct Mail is the tried and true Direct Marketing tactic. Despite the changing digital landscape, many organizations still leverage Direct Mail as a Marketing strategy for engaging with current and potential consumers. Whether you are looking for a printer, mailshop, postage optimization, or mail list vendor, our team of experts understands the nuances associated with a Direct Mail campaign and can identify vendors who meet your needs.

Commercial and Operational Print

Print materials are a component of every organizations Marketing strategy, whether print advertisements, brochures, or business cards. While not all printed materials may be used for a Marketing campaign, it is still important that they meet the organizations requirements if they include any branding elements or will be used for external purposes. When selecting a printer, you must consider the quality of their work product, their ability to source materials, turnaround times on orders, type of equipment used, and more. Corcentric understands the vetting process when evaluating print vendors and can work with your organization to select a partner(s) that meets your requirements.

Promotional Items

Promotional Items are used by organizations in a number of ways to promote their brand at events or when meeting with potential customers, employees, influencers, etc. A Promotional vendor is not only responsible for producing the branded items, but also sourcing different item options from various manufacturers. Corcentric has worked with numerous clients identify Promotional Item vendors and our marketing sourcing experts understand the landscape and can work with your vendors to ensure competitive pricing is in place for current and future Promotional Item needs.


The images of your products and services used by your organization are a visual representation of your organization to the public. The photographers and videographers you use to capture these images are responsible for showcasing your organization. Our team of experts understands the importance of selecting the right photography/videography partner. We work with your team to understand your requirements and navigate the supply base to find partners who demonstrate the capability and expertise to showcase your brand.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is a core element of any Marketing strategy. In order to produce branded materials or develop campaigns, you must first have the artwork and designs that transform the teams ideas into visuals. When using external support for Graphic Design services, it is essential that you identify a partner who can collaborate with your team and understands their vision to translate that into design elements. Corcentric has experience working with clients to identify both freelance graphic design support and agency partners.

The Direct Marketing landscape includes a number of strategies and even more partners able to support the execution of these strategies. As such, identifying and evaluating these partners can be a complex and arduous undertaking. Corcentric’s Marketing Sourcing experts have experience working with clients from various industries to find Direct Marketing partners who are best-suited to deploy their campaigns.

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