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Strategic Sourcing Process: Identifying Event Production Suppliers

Planning an event is an arduous and complicated project that includes both creative and logistical challenges. Finding a supplier that can effectively research locations, staff and manage events, and develop themes can be difficult and time-consuming. At Corcentric, our strategic sourcing event planning strategies encompass a variety of services, including:

Corcentric’s strategic sourcing team of event planning and marketing experts will work together with your internal marketing group to understand the vision for the event and develop a strategy to identify a supplier or group of suppliers that can realize this vision.


Organizations frequently require event planning and production services for the multitude of events they host throughout the year. To avoid starting from scratch for each individual event that needs to be planned, Corcentric’s strategic sourcing experts help marketers establish a production company supplier bench – a group of select suppliers ready to deliver their services on an ad-hoc basis. This bench will provide a team familiar with your business needs while maintaining a high level of creativity each time an event needs to be planned. The suppliers that Corcentric’s strategic sourcing team identifies will be experienced working with your organization and will establish negotiated rates and contracts for future events.


Corcentric’s strategic sourcing experts will work with your internal marketing team to identify a production company that will not only provide services for the day of the event, but will also create a creative and entertaining theme to the event and manage pre-event services. Our marketing experts have assisted clients in sourcing events of all sizes and scales, from sales training for a single brand to company-wide events. Our experience with event marketing sourcing allows for a deep understanding of the industry landscape in order to best identify and evaluate potential suppliers who meet your requirements. We have experience identifying production companies for events like:


At Corcentric, we collaborate with your internal marketing teams to help coordinate suppliers and event planning tasks in order to maximize the outcome of your internal or promotional event. Our strategic sourcing team can help with your event planning services by providing the following services:

Our sourcing process ensures the right supplier is chosen every time, and that projects are completed on time and often under budget.

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