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Experiential Agency Strategic Sourcing Services – a Custom-Designed Brand Experience

Corcentric’s Event Planning category experts will help your organization partner with an Experiential Agency to produce a one-of-a-kind event for your brand.

Brand image and brand integrity are essential components of all Marketing activities, as they serve organizations in engaging their customer base.  Developing and producing a successful brand activation strategy involves promoting the event, coordinating with the venue and caterers, arranging the entertainment, managing staff during the event, and delivering an exciting, unique activity that IS your brand.  The challenge is many Marketing and Events teams are operating with limited resources and budgets, while still tasked with producing a customized brand experience.

Our Marketing Sourcing experts have supported clients in numerous industries with their Experiential Agency search efforts for their unique brand needs, from Pharmaceutical Sales Meetings to multi-city brand anniversary celebrations, to luxury car shows, and more. We understand each brand activation event has its own requirements and challenges, and our Experiential Agency sourcing experts have the experience to navigate the complex experiential agency landscape. Our Experiential Agency sourcing consultants work with your team to understand the scope of the event, your brand experience goals, and expectations for an Experiential Agency to identify a partner able to produce a best-in-class customer experience for your target audience.

Our fully customizable Experiential Agency sourcing process includes:

Whether a brand activation, trade show, sales meeting, or other event, Corcentric has experience working with Experiential Agencies capable of producing a variety of event concepts to deliver an impactful brand experience.

Experiential Agencies leverage state of the art equipment and trained staff to develop and deliver a personal customer experience based on your brand. An Experiential Agency is responsible for developing a creative brand experience event concept, from taking over major landmarks to creating virtual experiences, and coordinates all logistics of the event on your behalf.

To produce an engaging brand experience, Experiential Agencies offer a comprehensive suite of services , including:

Whether looking to pull off a one-of-a-kind stunt or family friendly event, Corcentric’s team of Marketing Sourcing experts can help your organization partner with an Experiential Agency that will develop and execute your brand activation concepts.  Corcentric Experiential Agency sourcing experts ensure the integrity of your brand, so you can engage the audience and deliver a memorable brand experience.

Contact our Experiential Agency Search experts today to learn more about how we can partner together to achieve your strategic vision for all your event planning needs.

Case Study

Global Luxury Auto Manufacturer

A global luxury auto manufacturer that hosts several multi-city, multi-day events throughout the year engaged Corcentric to optimize their brand activation strategy while reducing their event planning budget.  The client wanted to adapt a corporate worldwide anniversary event for a North American audience, and needed support to see their vision through.

After Corcentric conducted several customized agency strategic sourcing projects to meet all the unique brand image requirements, the client was able to identify an Experiential Agency with a creative flare, and competitive fee structure to support all the clients’ events, from small rallies to anniversary events to worldwide events.

Objective: Evaluate experiential agency’s ability to organize, plan, and execute activities including: Event Design, Hospitality, and Production Services

Result: Corcentric worked with the client to drive more value out of their experiential agency budget and introduce new innovative suppliers to better engage the luxury manufacturer’s target audience; ultimately achieving 8% in total savings.

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