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Promotional Materials Strategic Sourcing and Spend Management

Enhance your promotional merchandise offering with Corcentric’s promo strategic sourcing and cost reduction services.

Whether used for event giveaways, product launches, or employee engagement, promotional merchandise such as stationery, apparel, or other accessories is an opportunity for organizations to distinguish their brand with a lasting impression. A key marketing tactic, promotional gear can help build brand awareness, demonstrate recognition or appreciation, and even generate additional revenue. These branded giveaways represent your organization and are a useful tool in communicating your marketing message and encouraging a desired consumer or employee behavior.

The ability to customize these products make them a great marketing technique to support various campaigns, such as event giveaways or employee recognition. However, all too often various departments order their promotional merchandise in siloes, using a wide range of vendors for products that vary in quality, quantity, and pricing. As a result, the decentralized spend becomes a challenge for organizations as a whole to manage leading to wasted time, money, and product.

Reining in this rogue spend requires a deep dive into finance and other departments responsible for promotional merchandise purchases – a comprehensive exercise most organizations lack the time, resources, and know-how to complete on their own. This is where Corcentric’s promotional product strategic sourcing experts come in. Our team of skilled spend analysis professionals is well-versed in gathering promotional item spend data that can be dispersed among varying departments to gain a clear picture of the types, size, and frequency of purchases and create a streamlined process aligned to your organization’s needs.

Our process includes:

  • Spend Data Collection: Comprehensively evaluating spend data from various departments responsible for promotional merchandise purchasing to identify promo product requirements.
  • Market Assessment: Identifying suppliers with the capabilities and inventory to support your organization’s promo product.
  • Go to Market: Managing the entire RFX process including preparing and administering the RFP aligned to your organization’s needs such as lead times, inventory, and pricing.
  • Negotiations: Achieving best-in-class contract terms and agreements and providing transparency into product markup.
  • Process Streamlining: Consolidating vendors and creating a customized web portal that simplifies ordering and ensures promotional product consistency across your organization.

Corcentric’s cost reduction experts recognize the importance of promotional merchandise in representing your brand. These items are literal takeaways that leave a lasting impression of your company’s marketing message. Our approach to promotional item strategic sourcing ensures that your organization partners with the right vendors with the product and services your organization needs, along with establishing a user-friendly ordering process that creates company-wide consistency. Let Corcentric’s proven strategic sourcing methodology make it easy to deliver a positive brand message with your promotional merchandise – whether your goal is to build employee engagement or drive sales – at the right price.

Contact Corcentric’s promotional merchandise cost reduction experts today to optimize your promo product offering.

Innovative Marketing Spend Management Solutions

Marketing Spend Category Management

Event Planning Agency Sourcing

Hosting and organizing events can be impactful yet complicated projects, balancing creativity and hype with the need for tightly-planned logistics and manageable costs. At Corcentric, our marketing sourcing experts know the ins and outs of event planning and what it takes to find an agency with the ability to make your vision come to life. We work alongside your internal marketing team leveraging our market intelligence to identify and source event production agencies aligned to your qualitative and budgetary needs.

Event Production Agency Sourcing and Cost Management

Marketing Agency Audit

Don’t get lost tracking contract compliance with your marketing agency (or in some cases agencies). Let our experts evaluate your marketing agency relationship to ensure they’re complying with contract terms through a comprehensive marketing audit. We’ll take a detailed look at your contract, statement of work language, and invoices to identify risks and over payments. Beyond simply reporting the areas of concern, our experts manage the entire fee reconciliation process, as well as provide actionable next steps for bolstering your current agreements.

Agency Audits

Public Relations Agency Sourcing

In a world where one message, good or bad, can travel across thousands of channels spanning media such as press, paper, and web -having a strong public relations strategy is a paramount priority. Our marketing sourcing experts recognize the importance of effective PR to a company’s brand, voice, and image and are prepared to navigate the complex market landscape to find an agency equipped to support your public relations needs. With collaboration a key component of our strategy, we work with your internal marketing group to source a PR firm from start to finish, including negotiating best-in-class terms and conditions.

PR Firm Sourcing and Value Management

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