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Strategic Sourcing and Telecommunications Benchmarking Services

Whether the purchase is a car, a winter coat, or enough VoIP handsets to outfit a new office, no one wants to think they got a bad price.

The demands placed on companies by the modern business environment – ever-increasing competition, customers and clients intolerant of pricing increases, and budgets that do not increase – have forced many companies to do more with less. As a result, best-in-class companies are turning to every resource at their disposal to attempt to reduce telecommunications costs.

Many telecom groups, however, are challenged with gaining access to the real-time market intelligence necessary to understand how their competitors’ telecom carrier and provider contracts, services, pricing, and processes compare to their own. And those that do have access to the information often lack the time, experience, or resources necessary to analyze and find opportunities in their telecommunications spend. Corcentric’s strategic sourcing and telecom benchmarking services can help!

Our customized telecom benchmarking services provide the insight and recommendations necessary to improve on your current telecommunications spend. From high-tech defense contractors to global pharmaceutical companies, industry-leading companies leverage our telecom benchmarking services when they are approaching the end of a contract, negotiating new contracts, or planning a technology or supplier change. Companies utilize Corcentric’s telecom benchmarking to gain a better understanding of the quality of their services, terms, and pricing compared to what is available in the marketplace.

Telecom Benchmarking can answer questions like:

To identify any differences between your current telecommunications services and best-in-market pricing, Corcentric can provide focused recommendations for action through a gap analysis. The insight gained will allow you to obtain a comprehensive understanding of your business unit, which will help you to make those informed decisions necessary for securing both short-term improvements and long-term competitive advantages.

Telecom Benchmarking Benefits:

By bringing in Corcentric to perform a benchmarking of your telecommunications spend, you will:

Corcentric has an unparalleled amount of proprietary telecom market intelligence that no index – no matter how pricey – can match. We leverage that information daily to ensure our clients realize market-best pricing. Let us do the same for you! Call Corcentric today to discuss our strategic sourcing and telecommuniations benchmarking services.

Category Expertise

Corcentric has category expertise in hundreds of categories

Corcentric’s sourcing expertise reaches far beyond telecommunications. Our team of sourcing analysts and subject matter experts are well-trained in the sourcing process and best practices for a variety of direct and indirect spend categories. This includes:

Telecom Strategic Sourcing and Cost Reduction Services

Our telecom benchmarking services are just a part of our larger telecom cost reduction service portfolio, which includes:

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