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An accurate inventory of telecommunications services and equipment offers unparalleled insight into savings opportunities.

Managing telecommunications is not an easy task for an individual or team to undertake. Telecom groups are routinely challenged with the management of a spend category fraught with frequent telecom equipment and service acquisitions and divestitures, changing technology, and antiquated contract and invoice systems. In order to create the necessary visibility to manage a telecommunications spend category, an organization needs an accurate, up-to-date telecom device, service, and feature inventory.

Corcentric’s telecom inventory management service is a comprehensive deep-dive into your organization’s telecommunications infrastructure, producing a register of all telecom-related equipment and services – from MPLS nodes to fax machines. Our inventories are performed independently by our telecommunications analysts, who meticulously triangulate data from a variety of sources, and often produce more accurate and complete results than those telecom inventories produced by Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM) software.

Corcentric offers our clients unparalleled insight and depth when developing a telecommunications inventory, producing a highly detailed database of your organization’s entire telecom network. Our inventories include:

Inventory of Spend Visibility

Inventory of Supplier Relationships

Inventory of Technology

Inventory of Contracts

Telecom Services

Once we have developed a full telecom inventory, Corcentric can streamline your telecom services and generate savings in the telecommunications category, with a service portfolio including:

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