Determine is now Corcentric

Determine’s leading source-to-pay platform is now the Corcentric Platform, forming an integral part of Corcentric’s leadership in Source-to-Pay solutions that covers software, advisory and payment services

S2P technologies that empower you to drive new revenue, identify savings, improve compliance
and mitigate risk

Determine’s heritage is an integral part of Corcentric’s offerings designed to optimize how customers purchase, pay and get paid. These modular source-to-pay tools enable businesses to focus on making better, more informed decisions and delivering sustainable bottom line impact.



Do more than just run sourcing events – go deeper and convert your activities into actionable decisions.

  • Improve their vendor and stakeholder relationships, drive cost savings and increase spend under management.
  • Seamless integration between sourcing, supplier information, and analytics empowers you to achieve best value.
  • Automating processes can improve savings identification, increase collaboration, build stronger supplier relationships and align supplier, corporate and financial goals.
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Contract Lifecycle Management

Make all your end-to-end contracts automated, paperless, and seamless across your organization.

  • Turn contracts into leverageable assets to minimize risk, maximize opportunities, and generate revenue.
  • Make contracts creation faster, with self-service and collaborative features that simplify searching, authoring, and administration.
  • Contracts go from static legal documents to dynamic commercial tools that maximize potential.
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Supplier Management

Drive efficiencies, compliance, and innovation to achieve competitive advantage.

  • End-to-end modularity helps establish and maintain stronger supplier relationships.
  • From validation to score carding and beyond, gain the insights to be more agile, maximize value, align goals, and drive KPIs.
  • Implement effective Supplier Management strategies that encompass the entire supplier lifecycle.


Become more agile and responsive to your organization by digitally transforming your outdated, manually-intensive procurement processes.

  • Industry-leading procurement technology solution gives businesses total visibility into all purchasing and simplifies the entire requisition-to-PO-to-payment processing stream.
  • End-to-end P2P modular configurability empowers users across your enterprise with deeper, more advanced capabilities and practical tools.
  • Gain greater control over spend, better manage costs, and streamline the compliant purchasing process.
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Invoice Management

Make invoicing faster, more accurate, fully compliant, and automated.

  • Eliminate the inefficiency of paper-based invoices and manual processing.
  • Increase control over the entire invoice process – from receipt through processing and payments.
  • Reduce the time and cost commitment and gain greater control over spend management.
financial management -budget management

Financial Management

Align budget management and cost allocation efforts with spend management to stay on track.

  • Gain complete 360° visibility over procurement budget activities and accounting data.
  • Consolidate budgets, cost centers, general ledger accounts, and analytic code data on one comprehensive platform.
  • Procurement and financial leaders are able to make more informed decisions about budgeting and forecasting.

Spend Analytics

Get the capabilities to gain deeper insights and convert all company spend into actionable intelligence.

  • Improve savings tracking, drive realized savings, understand correlated procurement and financial trends.
  • Use spend visibility to deliver higher savings, lower risk, and greater compliance.
  • Combine data, advanced analytic technology, and proven spend strategies to optimize spend.

Determine FAQs

Why is Corcentric consolidating its brands?

The consolidation of Determine into Corcentric was the natural next step as it enables us to further expand our portfolio of source-to-pay solutions for customers in the United States and Europe. Determine provides a comprehensive cloud platform that seamlessly integrates with other technologies to help companies improve financial performance and reduce operational risk. The combined organization now enables us to provide a holistic and broad set of capabilities encompassing strategic sourcing and procurement consulting, a unified cloud platform for source-to-pay and contract lifecycle management, and comprehensive payment and financing solutions to improve working capital.

When was Determine acquired?

Determine, Inc. was acquired by Corcentric, Inc. in April 2019.

When will these changes take effect?

The official public launch of our new branding is January 25, 2021. The reorganization of our legal structure was effective December 2020 and changes to our legal name will be effective in January 2021.

What benefits will I see from this consolidation? How does the consolidation affect me?

Corcentric has a 20-year history of profitable growth, a strong balance sheet, and a customer retention rate exceeding 95%. In addition, the acquisition of Determine by Corcentric was a natural, strategic fit within Corcentric’s portfolio and overall source-to-pay solution completion.

Are the products changing?

Over the last several months, we have made changes and updates to our products and solutions to reflect the new brand identity. The Platform will be renamed “Corcentric Platform.” However, the product itself will still work the same way and the rebranding should not cause any user disruption. If you utilize one of our legacy products (such as the Contract Management solution Selectica or the Sourcing Smart Source / Smart Source Cloud solution Iasta), there will be no changes.

Will the way I remit payments change?

Yes, the banking information will be changing; however, there is no action to update the information at this time. We will provide complete details and timeline of the changes in the coming weeks as we complete the changes to our banking structure. If you are in the US and have any remittance questions, please contact

Will my contacts from Determine change?

No, your sales, customer success, and support teams have not changed. You can continue to reach out to your same team members or contact with any questions or concerns.

Will your email addresses be changing?

Yes, all email addresses have an updated handle. Emails should be sent to

Example: is now

Can I continue to access my account the same way?

Yes, you will continue to log in to your account as you always have. You may notice new logos and branding across the portal.

Will my URL be changing?

Yes, the URL to access the platform will be changing; however, there is no action to update the information at this time. We will provide complete details and timeline of the changes as they become available. The anticipated timeline for this change to happen is late Q1/early Q2, after our next release is available. Our customer support teams will work directly with customers to avoid any disruptions and create a seamless process. If you utilize one of our legacy products (such as the Contract Management solution Selectica or the Sourcing Smart Source / Smart Source Cloud solution Iasta), there will be no changes.

How can I access Support?

Our Customer Support Portal was updated in October 2020. You can now email customer support at Our support phone number has not changed

Synergy, shared vision,
complementary strengths.

Both Corcentric and Determine share a similar backstory of integrating technology and expertise to establish a greater whole. Now, the seamless blending of innovative source-to-pay software solutions with Corcentric’s renowned procurement, accounts payable and accounts receivable capabilities helps companies unlock tremendous business value and potential.


Starting in 1996 as a “guided selling” CPQ technology provider, in 2005 Selectica introduced Selectica Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), helping companies across 20+ industries take every contract from request to negotiation, execution, and renewal. And, in the process, rewrite the rules of how contracts are written.


Founded in 2000, Iasta was an acclaimed software and services provider focused on strategic sourcing, business intelligence, spend analysis, supplier management, and contract management, empowering companies to achieve best-in-class procurement practices on a global scale. Iasta joined Selectica in 2014, synergizing through a shared customer target and creating a full-service source-to-contract offering.


b-pack was started in 2000 in France to help companies significantly reduce their costs by optimizing, streamlining, and automating their complex procurement processes with an integrated, end-to-end platform. The company made a perfect fit with Selectica and Iasta in 2015, resulting in a comprehensive source-to-pay SaaS provider enabling customers to reduce costs by optimizing their sourcing, purchasing, spend and contract management activities.

Determine + Corcentric

After forming in 2015, Determine rapidly achieved recognition for industry-leading Source-to-Pay SaaS solutions that maximize visibility and financial return from spend, supplier and contractual data.

Corcentric’s acquisition of Determine in 2019 capped a busy period during which Corcentric also integrated Source One and NetSend to become the industry’s first end-to-end provider of strategic sourcing, group purchasing, procurement, source-to-pay, and order-to-cash solutions.

Now, those capabilities make a natural fit with Corcentric’s procurement, accounts payable, and accounts receivable solutions to offer a broad suite that empowers companies to spend smarter, optimize cash flow, and realize significant value.

Existing customers:
Expanded opportunities, same commitment

As Corcentric, Determine seamlessly integrates its source-to-pay software solutions into a much greater whole. Corcentric offers a vastly expanded set of capabilities — and opportunities — to achieve even more outstanding purchasing savings, process automation and efficiency, spend control, risk mitigation and revenue opportunities.


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