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Data lets you see
through trucks

Do you know what’s driving your truck fleet costs?

More data allows you to more effectively manage asset lifecycles to save money. That’s where Corcentric’s truck fleet analytics tool comes in. With fleet performance monitoring and other elements, you can optimize how you manage your equipment.

Our Fleet Spend Analysis – built by fleet professionals for fleet professionals – uses thousands of data points to generate the perfect fleet optimization program for your business.  A truck’s performance, fuel efficiency, and maintenance demands vary by dozens of factors. Age, location, time of year, utilization, and many other factors affect the total cost of ownership (TCO), sometimes dramatically. Unless you know what each truck in your fleet is costing, you won’t be able to effectively manage and reduce your total cost of ownership.

Through our truck fleet analytics services, our experts will look at your operational costs, procurement processes, and spend categories to help you capture cost savings opportunities. Using fleet predictive analytics, you will be able to predict patterns in equipment usage, schedule preventive maintenance, and know what costs you can expect in the near future. This can prove to be invaluable when it comes to fleet lifecycle management, helping you avoid inefficiencies and maximize the value of your assets. With the power of our fleet analytics software, you can have all the information you need right at your fingertips.



What Do 1,200 Data
Points Get You?

Optimization! It all comes down to data analytics. At Corcentric, our data-driven fleet analytics software saves our customers millions of dollars every year on their fleet costs. With thousands of customers, decades of experience, and more than 800,000 vehicles under management around North America, we use your data to optimize your fleet.


Fleet Management
Run Cost Analysis

To help you understand what your asset is costing you, we use current asset maintenance and repair data, fuel consumption, and fixed financing costs layered with extensive market data such as inflation, fluctuations in commodity prices, and interest rates to better understand the optimum lifecycle for each vehicle.


Sweet Spot Analysis

Truck fleets cost a fortune to run. The trick is to keep
every truck in the Sweet Spot – when it’s delivering maximum efficiency and economy – and replace every truck as it passes the Sweet Spot, to a point of inefficiency.

Do it too late and you’re burning cash. Do it too soon
and you’re spending too much on new vehicles. When we finance your fleet, our program is tailored to your needs and focused on lowering your total cost of ownership (TCO).

Drive down fleet costs

Learn how we can help you develop a sweet spot analysis strategy to break down stakeholder barriers.

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