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Private Equity Partners

Corcentric is the go-to Partner for the Private Equity community providing Source-to-Pay, Order-to-Cash, and Fleet Solutions

From the mid-market to the Fortune 500, Corcentric delivers strategic advisory, consulting, technology, and managed services focused on reducing cost and improving working capital.

For 20-plus years, numerous portfolio companies have taken advantage of Corcentric’s unique offering of services and technology designed to improve bottom-line results and operational efficiencies. Our market-leading fleet solutions also create additional value for Private Equity.

Consulting + Strategic
Sourcing Services

Our experts have historically produced results of up to 20% savings for indirect spend items and up to 10% for direct items. Corcentric has flexible procurement sourcing models designed to meet the needs of Private Equity firms and their portfolio companies, as well as analytics components to help companies achieve growth.


Technology Solutions

These are designed to automate many functions throughout the Source-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash lifecycle, reducing costs, increasing productivity, and offering real-time visibility into all finance and procurement functions to give companies greater control and visibility into their spend and working capital.

Private Equity Sourcing Services, Software, and Consulting

Private Equity Partners: Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing

For portfolio companies looking to achieve tangible and measurable savings on both direct and indirect products and services spend, Corcentric has multiple commercial options based on each company’s needs.

We can engage on Sourcing opportunities at both the portfolio company level and with cross-portfolio aggregate programs. Our customers have historically achieved savings of up to 20% across commodities, realizing 98% of identified and agreed-upon savings. A deep bench of subject matter experts offers experience in sourcing 100+ categories across numerous types of commodities, goods, and services.

Private Equity Software Technology

Supplier Management
AP Automation + Payments
Contract Management
analytics reporting


Enabling portfolio companies and category managers to facilitate and centrally manage RFx and sourcing events more efficiently and effectively reduces sourcing times by 20% and improves average savings by 12.8%.

sim supplier search

Supplier Management

From onboarding to performance scorecarding, contract compliance, and more, our tools help create stronger, more collaborative supplier relationships and reduce management costs up to 70%.


AP Automation + Payments

Corcentric AP Automation eliminates paper invoices from Day 1 while increasing visibility. This helps portfolio companies lower headcount, reduce invoice processing times by 70%, eliminate late payment fees, and maximize early pay discounts.

clm clause management

Contract Management

Making all contracts automated, paperless, and seamless across an organization provides absolute control over the contract lifecycle, regardless of how many contracts or locations are involved. Data integration and centralized repository turn contracts into leverageable assets — invaluable for companies involved in M+A activity.


Enabling portfolio companies and category managers to facilitate and centrally manage RFx and sourcing events more efficiently and effectively reduces sourcing times by 20% and improves average savings by 12.8%.

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Private Equity Partners: Order-to-Cash


Our Order-to-Cash billing solutions simplify and streamline complex, inefficient transaction processes by automating each step in the process, ensuring accurate billing with minimal IT and personnel involvement.

Our supplier portal provides buyers and suppliers with real-time visibility into invoice and payment status, and our analytics platform empowers valuable insights into payment data.

Order-to-Cash components include:

Credit Issuance + Management

Corcentric takes on the responsibility of assessing, issuing, and managing purchasing credit for your network’s buyers, providing purchasing credit even if a given supplier does not extend credit directly.

Payment Management

Corcentric supports supplier cash flow by guaranteeing payments are received from buyers, in full and on-time, as well as offering supply chain financing so suppliers receive even earlier payments on invoices. We also increase cash flow flexibility for buyers by granting extended payment options for supplier invoices.

Collections Management

We fully administer the payment collections process with buyers while guaranteeing on-time payment of invoices. Suppliers and their networks receive full payment regardless of invoice dispute status or the status of Corcentric’s receipt of payment from the buyer.


As part of our Order-to-Cash Solutions, our e-invoicing capability gives suppliers the power to take electronic purchase orders and produce e-invoices with the flick of a switch.

Document Distribution

Our systems, protocols, and people are 100% focused on outsourced document distribution for business-critical functions. We provide a singular point of control, monitoring, and reporting for delivery regardless of the delivery methods required by buyers.

Invoice Dispute Management

If buyers dispute invoices, our team of resolution experts assumes responsibility for receiving and managing any invoice discrepancies, relieving suppliers of the potential negative impact on buyer relationships.

Private Equity: Fleet Services

Fleet Services

Our extensive experience and expertise in fleet procurement and management sets us apart from other finance and procurement solution providers.

With an 800,000 truck and trailer fleet at our disposal, Corcentric is able to give customers the same buying power as the largest organizations. Corcentric’s Fleet Solutions are a one-stop-shop for Private Equity firms with portfolio companies that operate fleets.

Fleet Services include:

Fleet Financing

With decades of experience, Corcentric finance professionals are experts at finding optimal flexible finance solutions for each business — whether purchasing or leasing vehicles — based on how they operate and asset needs.

Maintenance Service

Corcentric tracks and captures all available vehicle data and alerts customers when it is time to schedule preventative maintenance and repairs. Our nationwide maintenance service capabilities throughout the U.S. and Canada ensure that no matter where a vehicle may be, a service center will be available to handle any issues.

Lifecycle Management

Using data-driven analytics, data science, and market analysis, our fleet management experts help optimize vehicle lifecycles by assessing the total cost of ownership for each vehicle in a fleet and pinpointing the optimal time for replacement.


Our expertise and extensive network of equipment dealers help facilitate the sale of used vehicles quickly, getting the best price possible while removing the cost and burden to customers.

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