Corcentric Improve Cash Flow

Improve Cash Flow

We optimize your cash flow visibility because you can’t control what you can’t see

Few things are more important to a business’s success than knowing exactly how much money is flowing in and out of the company at any given time

But a lack of visibility into the status of all invoices and payments can leave a company blindsided when it comes to managing their working capital.

Solutions to Improve Cash Flow

Accounts Payable Automation

Get insight into your actual assets and liabilities with real-time visibility into invoice and payment status.


Get paid faster so you can better manage your working capital and make smarter decisions to foster growth.


Centralize your indirect spend and get visibility into every expenditure regardless of location or purchaser.

How Corcentric Helps Improve Cash Flow

Get real-time visibility
into transactions

Corcentric’s B2B finance and procurement solutions provide real-time visibility into every transaction at every step of the way for both buyers and sellers. That gives confidence to all trading partners to make investment and business decisions that will foster growth.

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