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Improve Supplier Relationships

Good supplier partnerships mean good business for everyone

Companies need their suppliers as much as suppliers need their customers…

But late payments and disputes can negatively impact this most important B2B relationship. On-time or early payments can translate into greater discount capture benefits for buyers and put them in a stronger negotiating position in the future. An increase in the speed of payments can easily mean a significant reduction in the number of phone calls, faxes, and emails from suppliers inquiring about payment status.

Corcentric Industries

Give Your Suppliers Options that Pay Off for Their Business and Yours

Corcentric’s AP automation solution streamlines PO and invoice delivery, as well as the workflow approval process. Our electronic payments capability speeds up the last step in the P2P process and enables suppliers to choose how they receive payment (ACH, virtual credit card, or check). Suppliers will also have access to a real-time supplier portal to check the status of invoices and payments.

Solutions to Improve Supplier Relationships


Ensuring success is a two-way street with your suppliers

Accounts Payable Automation

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