Corcentric Indirect GPO

GPO-Backed Indirect Spend Management

Corcentric Indirect GPO maximizes savings on all your indirect spend through the collective buying power of our fast, streamlined marketplace.

How GPOs optimize your Indirect Spend Management

For organizations that lack a sufficient level of buying power, one of the quickest routes to procure-to-pay savings is the management of indirect spend through a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO).

The Corcentric Indirect Spend GPO is a turnkey purchasing solution that quickly boosts your spend under management by sidestepping resource constraints, giving your organization instant expertise in key categories, and eliminating maverick spend. By replacing the cost of supplier and pricing inconsistencies with the simplicity of leveraged buying power, Corcentric helps your procurement organization optimize indirect spend management.

Streamline Procurement Processes

We implement a technology-forward strategy that enhances your indirect procurement of services by providing access to a robust, end-to-end P2P marketplace solution that boosts process automation and purchasing efficiency, without the burden of inventory management or catalog management.

Category Experts as Stakeholders

Category expertise can be beyond the resources of many procurement teams, so we supply expert category knowledge and tailored recommendations from experienced supply chain management veterans.

Simplified Sourcing

Pre-negotiated contracts with leading suppliers make it a snap to source the indirect products your organization relies on every day to keep business moving without the need for supplier relationship management.

Cost Savings + Metrics Tracking

Corcentric gives procurement organizations the real-time spend visibility and indirect spend analysis that are critical to optimizing cost savings, achieving bottom-line KPIs, and better decision making.

Outsourced Contract Management

Outsourced Contract Management

We not only connect you with suppliers that are among the best in their respective industries, we handle the contract management so you can focus on procurement processes without worrying about contract compliance.

Corcentric GPO by the Numbers


Members from diverse industries


In leveraged spend


Turnkey Supplier Programs


Average savings

Access Best-in-Class Pricing
with Premier Suppliers

Indirect Sourcing + Procurement Improvements
from Day 1:

The Value of GPO The Value to Members The Value to Suppliers
  • Turnkey savings
  • No fees or commitments
  • More volume
  • More customers
  • Streamlined implementation
  • “National Account” level of attention
  • Smoother sales cycle
  • Decision-maker access
  • Savings tracking and compliance reporting
  • Enhanced contract management
  • Tech-enabled
  • Channel partnership
  • Driving implementation

Whatever Indirect Spend categories you buy,
buy them for less through the Corcentric Indirect GPO

  • Office Supplies​ + Furniture
  • IT Hardware + Software
  • Breakroom Supplies
  • Janitorial Services + Cleaning Supplies
  • Car Rental Programs​
  • Telecom Services
  • Background + Screening Services
  • Facilities Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Merchant Services​
  • Water Delivery
  • General Industrial Supplies + Hardware​
  • Specialized Cutting Tools + Abrasives​
  • Managed Print Services
  • Industrial Gases​
  • Safety Supplies​
  • Welding Supplies​
  • Fleet + Shop Supplies​
  • Uniforms​
  • Electrical Supplies​
  • Translation Services
Learn all of the ways Corcentric can help your Procurement team
optimize indirect spend beyond our GPO.

Indirect Spend + GPO FAQs

What Is Indirect Spend?

Indirect spend, a critical component of every supply chain procurement strategy, is any spend not directly included in the Cost of Goods Sold of a product or service (conversely, purchasing raw materials for manufacturing, for example, is known as direct spend). Indirect spend refers to expenses incurred for materials, services, and maintenance required to operate the business effectively on a day-to-day basis. In the same way, “direct spend” is the process of “direct procurement.”

Examples of indirect spend are office supplies, uniform rentals, travel, MRO, industrial supplies, site maintenance, and even janitorial services.

Is it different from indirect procurement?

No – indirect spend and indirect procurement are the same thing. The only difference is that “indirect spend” refers to the portion of a procurement team’s total spend that goes towards purchasing goods or services as described above, while “indirect procurement” is the act of sourcing and making those purchases. In the same way, “direct spend” is the process of “direct procurement.”

While indirect spend is for the day-to-day operations of a company, indirect procurement doesn’t add to a company’s bottom line, except for the amount of savings that can be achieved through strategic sourcing or an indirect spend GPO.

What is the function of a GPO?

The function of a GPO – group purchasing organization – is to aggregate purchasing volume based on demand from a number of different member companies who participate.

By doing so, the GPO acts as a much bigger buyer, giving member companies the leverage of greater purchasing power to negotiate quantity discounts, achieve economies of scale, get preferential pricing, and realize other benefits from manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers. In the process, being part of a GPO strengthens procurement efficiency, boosts realized cost savings, and streamlines purchasing.

How does a GPO help Indirect Spend Management?

A GPO optimizes indirect spend management by unlocking greater purchasing savings potential while enhancing the efficiency of procurement professionals in your organization. Because the GPO handles strategic sourcing, manages supplier relationships, and maintains supplier contracts, it eliminates many of the challenges of getting indirect spend under management and mitigates third-party risk at the same time.

According to ProcureCon, indirect spend comprises 40% of total procurement spend at 40% of companies in the US. For larger businesses that have multiple locations, decentralized purchasing and a lack of oversight can lead to overspending, duplicate or unnecessary purchases, and non-compliance. By handling that indirect spend through a GPO – or at least a percentage of it – you can achieve a much higher level of indirect spend control and realized savings.

How do you gauge supplier performance?

Unless your Procurement team has adequate resources, it can be difficult or impossible to accurately gauge supplier performance. According to the 2018 CPO Survey from consulting firm Deloitte, 65% of Procurement leaders have limited or no visibility of suppliers beyond their Tier 1 vendors.

With little capability to monitor and gauge supplier performance, a lack of supply chain transparency introduces potential costs, complexity, and significant risks to an organization.

Working with an indirect spend GPO alleviates the necessity for having to gauge supplier performance for those included within the GPO. That’s because the GPO vendor monitors and maintains the supplier relationships within the offering, handling ongoing certification, verification, and contract terms.

On average, what cost reduction can I expect in my indirect spend?

Because a GPO maximizes your identified savings opportunities by motivating suppliers to offer members discounted pricing, on average a company can expect to achieve a cost reduction in your indirect spending of 6% (“above and beyond what they are able to achieve on their own by leveraging a GPO” – The Hackett Group).

What does an engagement with Corcentric look like?

An engagement with the Corcentric Indirect Spend GPO is a fast-track to rapid procure-to-pay savings through our streamlined marketplace that provides a one-stop shopping experience.

We help replace your rogue spend, erratic pricing, supplier inconsistencies, and expensive low product volume purchases with pre-negotiated contracts with leading suppliers. Once in place, you can easily source the products your organization uses every day so you benefit from the best possible pricing and service levels.

Corcentric holistically analyzes all expenditures you’ve made in the past fiscal year. From there we categorize which spend is indirect vs. direct, and then deem which indirect spend categories may be impacted with our help. We look for supplier redundancies, large tail spends, and spend volumes overall. These are all factors that would lead us to look into further details regarding a supplier relationship and discover the room for continuous improvement and optimization.

How do I get started?

To get started with membership in the Corcentric Indirect Spend GPO, with easy access best-in-class pricing and catalogs from key suppliers that give you spend control, cost savings, and purchasing insights, sign up here.

In addition to the Corcentric Indirect Spend GPO for procurement, we help more than 2,300 companies enhance cash flow quickly through an unmatched combination of software, advisory services, and payments that transform how they purchase, pay, and get paid. Through our leading Source-to-Pay platform, we leverage new technologies to provide AP automation, e-procurement solutions, strategic sourcing tools, and more that integrate seamlessly with whatever ERP you’re running to form a critical part of any holistic procurement strategy.

If you’re looking to truly take control of your supply chain, maximize savings opportunities, and enhance cash flow, let Corcentric show you how to simplify your procurement, accounts payable, and accounts receivable processes.

Ready to optimize your indirect spend?

Learn how you can get fast, easy access to catalogs with pre-negotiated supplier pricing and procurement management that gives you spend control, cost savings, and purchasing insights.

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