Netsend is Now Corcentric EIPP

The leading electronic invoicing service provider now empowers Corcentric customers to streamline, automate and enhance business invoicing from delivery to payment through Corcentric EIPP.

Streamline, automate, and enhance business invoicing, from delivery, through to payment

Netsend’s legacy of electronic invoicing and document distribution innovation makes them a perfect addition to Corcentric’s service offering. Complementing Corcentric’s expertise in source-to-pay, procurement and billing with a highly nuanced electronic invoicing solution trusted by global businesses.

Electronic Invoicing
Invoicing Automation
Online Payments

Electronic Invoicing

Corcentric EIPP enables a risk-free and seamless shift towards electronic invoicing, reducing errors and driving down DSO. Managed service delivery and conversion to electronic delivery with an average of over 80% customer uptake.

  • Any format: Send invoices via email, EDI or any other imaginable electronic format. The managed service, previously known as Netsend, ensures accuracy and success in moving to e-invoicing.
  • Go beyond limitations of an ERP system: Delivery rules ensure invoices go to the correct person, or group, with appropriate attachments and approval, with complete control over conditional triggers.
  • Streamline and save costs: Remove the time and cost of invoice printing and postage, including maintenance of printing machinery. Connect with invoicing portals, VANs, PEPPOL, and other public sector networks with the minimum of setup effort.

Invoicing Automation

Save days of time each month on the creation and delivery of invoices. Leverage delivery rules to automate complex invoicing requirements. Managed service configuration and mapping to ensure maximum success within the shorted timeframe.

  • No more manual invoice uploads: Automate the manual keying, or uploading, of invoices into your customers’ accounts payable portals.
  • No more human errors: Automatically generate and deliver invoices with 100% accuracy, free from copy-paste errors or delivery mistakes.
  • Accelerate cash collection: Dedicate AR staff time to chasing payments and handling exceptions, shave days off DSO, and minimize delinquency. Immediate, accurate invoice delivery presents no excuses for late payment.

Online Payments

The easiest way to take invoice payments online – simple, secure card payment handling via the Corcentric EIPP portal. Speed up customer invoice payments and view real-time payment status at a glance.

  • Accept any payment cards: Total flexibility over payment provider to handle transactions, integrated seamlessly with your customers’ invoicing portals – enabling immediate online payment in full or part from each invoice, or a group of invoices.
  • Maximum payment security: Payment links integrated with each invoice and the Corcentric EIPP portal eliminate the risk of invoice-redirection fraud, phishing, and other hacking risks.
  • Simplicity and control: Set payment parameters at account or individual customer level. Define floor and ceiling limits for payments and whether partial payments are allowed.

Netsend: Financial efficiency through
invoicing simplicity

Starting life in 1994 as a fax broadcast service, Netsend embraced the opportunities provided by the Internet to pioneer new technologies and distribution channels. The electronic invoicing service and portal was launched in 2005. Built and maintained in the UK by an in-house development team, leveraging the latest and most trusted technology platforms to ensure seamless invoicing delivery for a growing number of global clients.

Helping clients meet the challenge of a growing number of invoicing formats, Value Added Network (VAN) and EDI connection requirements positioned Netsend well to assist businesses with the growth in demand for structured data invoicing delivery to public sector portals as mandatory e-invoicing delivery came in following EU Directive 2014/55/EU.

Netsend FAQs

Why is Netsend adopting a new brand identity?

Netsend was acquired by Corcentric in 2019 and now formally becomes part of the broader Corcentric solution set. Our new brand is about bringing together Corcentric’s solutions and technology capabilities in financial process automation with our expertise in electronic invoicing and document distribution and unifying under one powerful brand identity.

How does the new brand affect me?

In most ways, the new brand launch will not affect how you work with Netsend/Corcentric EIPP or your product experience. One notable change is that the legal entity Netsend Limited will be renamed Corcentric Limited. As this is a renaming, rather than new legal entity, no contractual changes need to be made; obligations and commitments will transfer from Netsend Limited into the name of Corcentric Limited.

When will these changes take effect?

Corcentric EIPP, including new logo and brand vision, will be launched on 25th January 2021.
Netsend will be referred to as Corcentric EIPP from this point forward.

Are the products changing?

Over the course of 2021, there will be minor visual updates to the Netsend platform to reflect our new brand identity. However, the product itself will still work the same way and the rebranding should not cause any user disruption.

Will the way I remit payments change?

Electronic payments will continue to be made using the bank details you have used for Netsend (Barclays); the number has not changed. Any questions regarding remittances should be directed to

Will my contacts at Corcentric change?

No, your sales and support teams have not changed. You can continue to contact your Client Relationship Manager, or use the email address, with any questions or issues.

Will how I access my account change?

No, you will continue to log in to your account as you always have. Throughout 2021, you will begin to see the new logo and branding across all customer portals.

How will Netsend/Corcentric EIPP integrate with the broader Corcentric solution set?

Corcentric Electronic Invoice Presentment & Payment (EIPP) is now part of our broader Managed Receivables offering which enables our customers to take advantage of a broader cash flow and billing management solution through a familiar interface and team across a range of trusted solutions.

How will these changes impact data handling and GDPR?

Existing GDPR policies will be updated to reflect the name change of the legal entity Netsend Limited to Corcentric Limited. No changes will be made to data transfer or the systems where your data is held, therefore the changes will simply be reflected by a change to the legal entity name in our GDPR statement online.

Will I need to sign a new contract?

No, Netsend Limited is being renamed to Corcentric Limited and all legally-binding contracts and obligations in the name of Netsend Limited will apply continuously and persistently as contracts and obligations relating to Corcentric Limited henceforth.

Where do I find the Companies House Certificate of Incorporation to provide legal evidence of the name change?

You can download a copy of the certificate here.

What are the new business name, address and other registration details to use from 25th January onwards?

1 Castle Lane, London, SW1E 6DR
Company Registration Number: 03814021
VAT ID: 7436 12346

Will Netsend blog posts, news and social media channels still be available to keep informed of the latest news, etc?

Netsend blog posts will be migrated to the new Corcentric website and new Netsend posts and news will be in the name of Corcentric EIPP on the new site. We’ll share links to these when the site goes live from 25th January. Additionally, social media channels will be changing to reflect the new brand – we will share news on these on 25th January via email and via the old channels.

Netsend’s History

Netsend launched as a fax broadcast service to enable secure fax-based delivery of invoices for UK-based clients.
Netsend launched an online portal to facilitate the secure online delivery of electronic invoices a full decade ahead of electronic invoices being required by law anywhere in the EU.
Netsend moved to an entirely cloud-based architecture to ensure maximum availability and performance for a growing number of clients.
Netsend chose to become part of Corcentric, identifying this as the perfect opportunity to accelerate the growth of Netsend beyond the trajectory of the last 15 years.
The Netsend service was rewritten from the ground up using MVC (model, view, and controller) architecture, Netsend Up offers unparalleled performance, capabilities, and resilience.
Corcentric unifies Netsend, Source One, and Determine under one brand, Corcentric, Inc.

Existing Customers: Same Netsend Service, Greater Support and Infrastructure.

As Corcentric EIPP, Netsend combines the existing service and platform with the global infrastructure and support of a truly global enterprise. Netsend customers will benefit from access to technology and expertise beyond the scope of what was previously possible.

Best-in-class technology, industry expertise, and years of order-to-cash best practice — are you ready to embrace the full potential of electronic invoicing?

Learn How Global Businesses Use Corcentric to Streamline and Automate Electronic Invoicing