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Order-to-Cash (O2C) Software & Solutions

Improve working capital and cash flow with guaranteed
payments, elimination of credit risk, and reduced DSO
with Order-to-Cash automation from Corcentric

Managed Accounts Receivable (Managed AR)

Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP)


Centralized Billing for National Account Programs

Receivable Automation

Corcentric fuels your growth by freeing up cash locked in your O2C cycle

Corcentric’s Order-to-Cash solutions can significantly reduce your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) by guaranteeing payments and eliminating credit risk. This translates directly into an improved working capital position, better customer service and, ultimately, a positive impact on your business’s cash flow. The O2C process is an incredibly complex one, and having tools that can streamline it can boost your cash flow. Finance, accounting, and procurement professionals depend on our Order-to-Cash software to improve their internal procedures and avoid the hang-ups and errors that can prevent them from accessing all the resources they have at hand. When it comes to Order-to-Cash management that works, Corcentric offers the ideal solution.

Corcentric’s Order-to-Cash software delivers immediate and sustainable business impact across Order-to-Cash processes:

Up to 50%

immediate reduction in


in late payments
due to disputes.


of bad debt

Managed Accounts Receivable

Because cash flow is king, the Corcentric Managed Accounts Receivable solution (Managed AR) delivers increased efficiency and liberates working capital.

  • Real-time, immediate accounts receivable and O2C cycle efficiency
  • Improved quote-to-cash that liberates working capital and cash flow
  • Up to 50% reduction in Days Sales Outstanding
  • Elimination of bad debt
  • 100% invoice automation

Electronic Invoice Presentment
and Payment (EIPP)

Accurately and efficiently deliver invoices to your customers – the way they want them – for an optimized customer experience. Beyond the time and cost savings, EIPP provides a risk-free and seamless shift to electronic invoicing and online payments.

  • Accelerate your order-to-cash cycle
  • Save over 80% on processing costs
  • Maintain resiliency during business disruption

Supply Chain Finance

Keep business (and opportunities) moving by letting Corcentric help you improve working capital and cash flow through Supply Chain Finance.

  • Your payments guaranteed on-time, every time
  • All invoices paid in full, no late payments on disputes
  • Improvement in bottom-line results

Centralized Billing for
National Account Programs

Whether you work with National Accounts or centralized billing accounts, Corcentric solves complex transaction and billing processes that can negatively impact sales when selling through dealer, distributor, and wholesaler networks by offering:

  • Consolidated billing across large, disparate dealer/distributor or wholesale networks
  • Consistent pricing for customers
  • Elimination of receivables risk
  • Increased and stabilized cash flow
  • Integration with whatever ERP systems are running

Accounts Receivable Automation

The accounts receivable challenges that every business faces can be resolved using these approaches:

  • Automate your invoicing process through e-invoicing and e-delivery with e-payment options, and/or;
  • Integrate people, process, technology, and payments across your entire AR process to get guaranteed results.

Corcentric provides leading solutions for both approaches.

How much harder could your working capital be working?

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