Electronic Document Distribution Software

Your electronic postal service: instant, secure, and trackable delivery

What is electronic document distribution?

Electronic document distribution is the process of sending documents electronically. Now you can send sensitive documents, such as invoices or legal contracts, without risking them being intercepted or accidentally shared. See the moment your documents have been received, read, or signed. Replace the need for wet ink signatures through legally valid digital signatures.

Using document distribution software is as easy as sending a file to print, but as secure as a dedicated courier.

Improve efficiency through electronic document distribution

Improve Efficiency

Remove the manual process of emailing or uploading documents to invoicing portals with Corcentric’s document distribution software. Automate your document distribution to follow delivery schedules, sending rules and handling of delivery failures. Archive and search critical documents with far greater ease than with their paper equivalents.

Automate document distribution

Automate + Integrate

Automate the production of transactional documents, statements, and other items containing system-generated information. Our document delivery software ensures you always deliver documents in the exact format and layout each customer requires, minimizing resend requests and saving time.

Reduce Costs

Save on stamp costs, printing costs, and the time to manage these processes through our document distribution system. Remove the cost of investing in and maintaining print and folder inserter equipment. Outsource any remaining print and post requirements through the same service.

Guarantee and track delivery of business documents

Guarantee and Track Delivery

Digital document management reaches your customers directly – wherever they are. Paper deliveries may sit untouched for days in an office where staff now work remotely. See, at a glance, who has received, read or engaged with your sent documents.

Simplify your electronic document distribution

Maximize Security

Distribute electronic documents with legally valid electronic signatures/certificates, password-restricted access, and visibility into who has accessed what and when. Encrypt at document level for another layer of security and protection for sensitive documents.

Simplify Everything

Outsource the complexity and load of document delivery – as you would with postal delivery – but maintain total control and visibility. Generate reports at the touch of a button and provide complete transparency for audits.

Did you know?



documents distributed
by Corcentric EIPP each year.


in invoices sent electronically
by Corcentric EIPP each year.



Corcentric documents lost, hacked,
faked, or intercepted. Ever.

Source: Corcentric 2021

How quickly could you embrace electronic document delivery?

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