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Simplify EDI invoice delivery.
any format, any network, any time

The easiest way to send invoices via EDI

Corcentric simplifies the task of setting up and delivering invoices via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to your customers, bringing together data from disparate sources to generate the EDI output and connecting to wherever you need.

Send EDI format invoices in a variety of industry-specific EDI standards, or in any XML format required by national implementations of the European Standard for public sector procurement. Whatever the network, whatever the standard, Corcentric’s EDI invoicing software streamlines the process so you can focus on what’s important.

EDI for Electronic Invoicing your way

EDI Your Way

Total flexibility over what data is brought together from internal systems, how this is processed, and the format of the delivery. Once the EDI invoice processing software is configured, no manual intervention is required, just set and forget for high-speed machine-to-machine data-transfer.

Increase Accuracy

Remove the risk of data-entry error with our EDI invoicing. Standardization sets the criteria for content and format, ensuring consistency and reducing the capacity for error. Confirmation receipts are sent as an acknowledgement of each transfer, indicating success or failure, enabling management by exception.

Ensure Compatibility

As a managed EDI billing service, we support a wide range of standards and additional data formats. Unlike traditional solutions, which require you to commit to one platform, or set of standards, Corcentric Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) offers an open and flexible solution, enabling the broadest compatibility with trading partners.

Maximize Security

The role of electronic data interchange is to handle sensitive documents and data, therefore security is paramount. EIPP uses modern transfer protocols with 256-bit (or higher) encryption, as well as security standards such as AS2 (for internet), AS3 (for FTP) and AS4 (for web services).

EU Compliance

Whether you need to connect to PEPPOL via an access point, deliver invoices in the XRechnung standard, or other interpretations of the European Norm (EN) 16931, Corcentric EIPP can help you meet requirements quickly, without the cost of maintaining this expertise within your business.

Are you in need of faster processing and improved accuracy, compliance, and security?

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