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Meineke Presents Corcentric with Vendor Appreciation Award

Corcentric’s centralized procurement and billing platform helps company increase its buying opportunities while decreasing costs.

CHERRY HILL, NJ,Managed ARCH 4, 2021 — Meineke Dealers Purchasing Co-op Inc. (MDPCI) has presented its Vendor Appreciation Award to Corcentric, a leading provider of business spend management and revenue management solutions and services.

“Corcentric is the technology group behind MDPCI Transact, our platform for centralized procurement and billing. It is through this system that we are able to operate as one unit and obtain true group pricing,” said Ron Soto Executive Director.  “As the program grows, our buying opportunities increase and our costs decrease. Corcentric has been a partner in every sense of the word, and we are deeply grateful for the countless hours they have spent building the platform, onboarding our franchise members, and helping us explore new ways to grow.”

Meineke also relies on Corcentric’s Managed AR solution, providing technology, guaranteed payment to vendors and managed services for their franchise members. The technology includes a centralized billing platform and analytics and insights to help MDPCI members grow while reducing costs.

With Corcentric’s risk-free guaranteed payments, Vendors can bill Corcentric directly for purchases rather than sending separate bills to each franchise location. Corcentric guarantees the payment to the vendor then handles all the payables and collections with the franchisee which eliminates administrative costs.

Corcentric’s Managed Services program assists Meineke with onboarding its franchises, facilitating dispute resolution, and providing training and technology support.

These programs have helped to enhance Meineke’s relationships with its oil, tire and auto repair parts vendors.

“We are honored to have been recognized by Meineke for our efforts,” said Dave Lindeen Senior Vice President. “As a trusted partner, we look forward to continually providing programs and services that will help Meineke grow and prosper.”

About the Meineke Dealers Purchasing Cooperative, Inc.

The Meineke Dealers Purchasing Cooperative, Inc. establishes vendor programs for parts and services for the Meineke dealer network. Programs are created for the purpose of increasing center profitability through lower acquisition cost, discounts, and rebates. The organization is fully endorsed by the franchisor, Meineke Car Care Centers, LLC.

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