Levvel Research: 2019 Electronic Payments and Working Capital Insight Report

Explore how payments automation and modern digital payment technologies promote B2B success.

What the report covers:

According to Levvel Research, making payments manually is inefficient, costly, and increasingly risky in a global economy with disparate payment methods, regulations, and security concerns. The good news is, ePayments technology adoption is higher than most other types of solutions because it’s easier and less complicated to shift processes.

This report details the state of payments technology through survey data of organizations across industries. What it reveals is the move toward payments automation not only centralizes and streamlines internal processes, but supports supplier networks, improves risk and compliance, and optimizes working capital. All of which helps gain a competitive edge in the market.

Download the report to gain a working overview of some of the optimal payment technologies and financial management strategies available today, and how adopting an electronic payments approach can provide your organization with a range of advantages.

What you will learn:

  • Current North American payments and working capital management trends, including how ePayments tools simplify payment processing, reducing maverick spend, and improve bottom line results.
  • Features and functionality of ePayments tools, with an overview of a few of the optimal payment technologies and financial management strategies available today.
  • How ePayments platforms consolidate and streamline payment and cash management, automate processes, increase data integrity, and improve risk and compliance control.