Spend Matters: The Procurement Services Market: Backdrop and Challenges

Top challenges and (successful) solutions in managing procurement services.

Spend Matters - The Procurement Services Market: Backdrop and Challenges

What the report covers:

With an industry-wide average 58% of spend going towards services procurement, having a rock-solid strategy and roadmap in place is vital. A lot of practitioners hear the term “services procurement” and immediately think “contingent labor” or “vendor managed services.” The truth is a lot broader and deeper than that.

In “Backdrop and Challenges,” Spend Matters gives you the situational awareness of what’s going on in services procurement today — exploring the 10 issues most faced today, and a methodology for you to get beyond them.

The trend in services procurement spend is rising fast, so download this guide and get up to speed.

What you will learn:

  • What areas does “services procurement” include
  • Managing external services firms and what you want to get out of the relationship
  • How to engage services providers for maximum benefit for your own requirements
  • Evaluating the spectrum of procurement services holistically to see how it’s evolving
  • Aligning metrics, gaining convergence and thinking short- and long-term