The Future of Payments Systems

Large companies are spearheading the adoption of digital payments and it’s helping them fight payment fraud.

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What the infographic covers:

As companies start to realize the transformative benefits of modernizing their payments operations, it’s the largest ones who are leading the pack. According to a survey conducted by PYMNTS and Corcentric, Business Payments Digitization: Large Companies Set the Pace, 74% of firms with $1.5 billion to $2 billion in annual revenues believe that digitization is important to improving balance sheets. For comparison, only 50% of the smallest firms ($400 million to $750 million) share this same view.

This infographic explains:

  • The share of CFOs, by annual revenue, who think digitization is mostly about business transformation
  • The share of CFOs, by annual revenue, whose companies adopted fraudulent payments detection systems because of digitization
  • The impact antifraud systems had on the various company sizes


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