Be in the Know about Tech-enabled Managed Services

Claire Sexton, VP, North American Sales, explains what Tech-enabled Managed Services is and how it helps organizations optimize their S2P technology investments and achieve their desired ROI.

What the Podcast covers:

Many organizations invest a great deal of time and money in the implementation of new S2P technology to benefit the Finance and Procurement functions. Yet, once they go live, they find themselves in a DIY situation, unable to leverage the new technology to get the optimal results.

In this Corcentric Conversations: Be in the Know about Tech-enabled Managed Services, Claire Sexton discusses how this approach fills the gaps that still exist after an organization goes live by executing and supporting back-office functions, driving adoption, and providing continuous improvement.

She explains the major benefits of Tech-enabled Managed Services, including:

Claire Sexton
  • Accelerated time to value – Organizations get to their targeted outcomes faster with a provider taking on the day-to-day tasks and administrative burdens that can be barriers to optimization.
  • Ability to augment in-house talent – Leveraging the provider’s expertise, organizations can achieve desired outcomes without having to invest in hiring new people.
  • Greater focus on strategy – With the need to address administrative and other tactical burdens diminished, Finance and Procurement teams can focus on their strategic roles to achieve the organization’s goals.
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