Harmonize Supplier Risk Data for Source-to-Pay

When it comes to trust, not all data is created equal.

What the webinar covers:

Based on recent experiences, all organizations in one way or the other have been impacted by supplier risk.  While mitigating risk is the name of the game in 2021, knowing where the best data resides to track it has its advantages; Just like any medium, some data sources are more trustworthy than others.

Pulling data from trusted news sources and providers makes it that much easier to assess the value of that information, but questions remain:

  • Rather than looking at data sources in their singularity, what if there were a way to pull the best of those data sources to establish a more holistic view of suppliers?
  • What if there were solutions that can manage and combine internally created supplier profiles with third-party supplier risk information based on several risk factors in areas like financial, reputational, sustainability and cyber-risk?

To answer these questions, watch this on-demand webinar with Corcentric and our partner guest, Beroe for an engaging discussion around the modern supplier data challenges. We share how our data partnership is expanding capabilities for supplier management and discuss the benefits of a combined solution for improving supplier risk and performance management efforts.


Valekumar Krishnan – VP Content, Beroe LiVE.Ai


Vale leads Beroe’s Capital and Site Services, Marketing Services and Procurement Outsourcing, Oil & Gas, Facilities Management and our Latin American operations. Vale started life in Beroe as an analyst in 2006 when it was in garage start-up mode and is now one of our Associate Vice Presidents of Indirect Services and Oil and Gas. In the past 8 years at Beroe, he has supervised 1,000+ deep dive projects. Vale’s experience includes working with clients across a wide range of industries such as Life Sciences, Consumer Packaged Goods, Chemicals, Mining, BFSI and Oil & Gas.

Joseph Payne

Joe Payne, Senior Vice President of Source-to-Pay, Corcentic

Joe Payne is a sourcing and procurement expert who has worked with companies, ranging from mid-market to the Fortune 100, to optimize their sourcing and procurement strategies. At Corcentric, he is responsible for strategy and delivery of the Corcentric Source-to-Pay solution offering, including technology, services, and GPO programs.

Bill Dorn, Vice President Upstream Product Strategy, Corcentic

Bill Dorn leads the Product Management team for Upstream Source-to-Pay solutions at Corcentric. He brings over 20 years of procurement technology and category management thought leadership and experience to enable the Corcentric Platform for real-world sourcing and supplier management use cases. Prior to Corcentric, Dorn was a Partner and VP at Source One Management Services which was acquired by Corcentric in 2018.

Andy Moir

Andy Moir, Director of Product Marketing, Purchase-to-Pay, Corcentric

As a thought leader in digital transformation, Andy has over 20 years of experience as both an end-user and a vendor working for and with companies ranging from startups to Global Fortune 100 companies across various industries. Andy has played strategic roles in a wide spectrum of organizations related to product marketing, product management, and market research. Throughout his career, he’s engaged business leaders and the broader analyst and technology community with strategic content, speaking engagements, research, webinars, and industry articles.