The Hidden Opportunity in Your Indirect Spend

In many organizations, indirect spend is something of an afterthought. Learn why keeping it top of mind is a golden opportunity.

What the webinar covers:

Did you know that every dollar in indirect spend that is brought under management represents savings of 10-20 percent? It’s money you can keep from escaping when you strategically manage all of your purchases.

Check out our webinar, “The Hidden Opportunity in Your Indirect Spend,” for a comprehensive look at the inefficiencies that exist in many procurement processes and how you can get maverick spend under control. The key is to leverage group buying power and industry expertise so that you have visibility to every dollar you spend and ensure it is working for you.

Learn how an indirect spend solution that combines cutting-edge technology with personal industry expertise enables your business to control spend through: Download it today!

What you will learn:

  • Spend analysis and buying behavior optimization
  • Industry and price benchmarking
  • Best practice supplier management and consolidation
  • Contract negotiation and management