Unveiled: How Daimler Transformed Their National Accounts Program

A success story of how transforming and streamlining your processes can lead to increased sales…and brand loyalty.

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What the webinar covers:

Daimler Trucks North America sells to and services customers through a network of hundreds of dealers and distributors across the US. Daimler needed a single solution to streamline and grow their national accounts program.

Working with Corcentric, Daimler was able to provide its national accounts with a seamless, private-labelled experience that ensured consistent pricing and billing across an extensive sales network. That, in turn, helped Daimler increase sales and brand loyalty.

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What you will learn:

  • Regain control: with centralized billing and payments and accurate pricing, every time.
  • Improve cash flow: with on time, guaranteed payments
  • Reduce costs: with end-to-end billing and receivables management
  • Minimize risk: with comprehensive and flexible credit and collections management