White Paper

Streamline Invoice Uploads to Buyers’ AP Portals

How to remove the manual burden of uploading or rekeying invoices into buyers’ accounts receivable portals.

What the guide covers:

Credit professionals face more demands on their time than ever, so why spend unnecessary time uploading or manually rekeying invoices into online portals. This process is time-consuming, inefficient and prone to copy-paste or rekeying errors.

To achieve this goal, credit professionals need to leverage intelligent automation of invoice uploads – matching the nuance and flexibility found in experienced accounts receivable teams. This guide outlines the challenges, considerations and solutions to make this happen.

What you will learn:

  • Where and why pre-built connectors to AP portals can let you down
  • The three key areas (format, content and transit) an automation solution needs to address
  • How to streamline invoice uploads cost-efficiently and without risk