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Corcentric Global Supplier Identification specialists align Procurement teams with world-class direct material vendors.

Procurement teams in any industry trust Corcentric’s Global Supplier Identification experts to oversee their strategic sourcing efforts, pair them with best-fit direct material suppliers, and drive cost reduction.

The process of global supplier identification is all-important for every Procurement group. For many, it also proves overwhelming.  Crowded and complicated markets often keep strategic sourcing initiatives from getting off the ground. As Procurement searches for global suppliers capable of meeting strict specifications at market competitive prices,  they often run into trouble due to a lack of internal resources.

Identifying, qualifying, engaging, and ultimately managing suppliers is a full-time job. Corcentric’s Strategic Sourcing experts oversee every step of the process to ensure global supplier identification paves the way for long-term value and cost savings.

Global Supplier Identification for Direct Materials

  • We’ll embed ourselves within your Procurement department’s operations, assess your approach to direct material strategic sourcing, and analyze your current relationships with direct material suppliers to conduct a benchmark assessment.
  • Where possible, we’ll identify opportunities to negotiate more valuable agreements with incumbent direct material suppliers and reveal opportunities for global supply base consolidation.
  • Leveraging our years of market intelligence, strategic sourcing best practices, and direct material category expertise, we’ll research the global direct material supplier landscape.
  • Next, our global supplier identification team will contact every qualifying direct material supplier individually to validate their capabilities and pricing.
  • With Procurement’s unique needs in mind, we’ll take our global supplier identification efforts to market by conducting effective, targeted strategic sourcing events.
  • Once our strategic sourcing events have concluded, we’ll assist Procurement in evaluating and scorecarding each direct material supplier’s bid.
  • Then, our global supplier identification experts will assist you in negotiating agreements with best-fit direct material suppliers. We’ll ensure the agreement not only provides a competitive price, but promises long-term strategic value.
  • Corcentric’s global supplier identification team will serve as dedicated supplier relationship managers throughout the life of your new engagements. Conducting consistent audits and evaluations, we’ll ensure your direct material suppliers meet expectations.

Corcentric’s supplier identification and strategic sourcing expertise are unparalleled. Our team of experts has served the global supplier identification efforts of companies in a range of industries including: optical components, defense contracting, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and construction identify world-class direct material suppliers. Call our global supplier identification team today and start establishing valuable, long-lasting relationships with direct material vendors.

Direct Material Supplier Identification Services

Chemical and Polymer Supplier Identification

Strategic sourcing for chemicals can prove challenging and time-consuming for even mature Procurement departments. Our chemical supplier identification team leverages our years strategic sourcing experience and category expertise to reduce complications and pair organizations with vendors capable of providing high-quality products at highly-competitive prices.

Supplier Identification for Commodity Chemicals

Contract Manufacturing Supplier Identification

Corcentric’s combination of market intelligence, category expertise, and strategic sourcing best practices makes it easy for Procurement departments in a variety of industries to identify contract manufacturing organizations capable of meeting even the strictest quality standards while still offering opportunities for cost reduction

Supplier Identification for Contract Manufacturers

EMS & PCBA Manufacturing Supplier Identification

Our Strategic Sourcing consultants make it easy to navigate the complex Electrical Manufacturing Services category. Partnered with our Global Supplier Identification team, organizations will develop relationships with best-fit suppliers and meet their cost reduction goals without sacrificing quality.

Supplier Identification for PCBA Manufacturing Services

Engineered Product Supplier Identification

The Strategic Sourcing team at Corcentric bridge the gap between Engineering and Procurement to help companies in various industries optimize their approach to engineered product spend and other direct categories. Our Supplier Identification services make it simple to realize cost savings and build long-term partnerships.

Laboratory Supplies Supplier Identification

Corcentric’s direct material strategic sourcing experts empower Procurement professionals throughout the supplier identification and negotiations stages. We’ll assess your laboratory supplies spend and incumbent supplier relationships to develop strategies for reducing costs without sacrificing quality.

Supplier Identification for Laboratory Supplies

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