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Strategic Sourcing and cost reduction services for Textile and Textile Component spend

Our Textiles Strategic Sourcing experts can help you navigate the challenges of language barriers, complex product specifications, and quality considerations so you can partner with the right-fit textile supplier for your product needs.

Companies in a variety of industries rely on their Procurement and Strategic Sourcing teams to locate highly-specialized textiles and apparel manufacturers. Textile sourcing presents more than it’s share of headaches when it comes to navigating the supply base, negotiating with vendors, optimizing shipping routes, managing inventory levels, and assessing product quality. An ineffective textile strategic sourcing approach can leave organizations facing a number of issues including:

Even a minor oversight in textile strategic sourcing can be costly. Inefficient volume commitments or subpar product quality can mean long-term consequences for your entire organization. Procurement teams often make matters worse by assessing textile suppliers and their offerings based on price alone. Corcentric’s strategic sourcing specialists understand the complexities of textile sourcing and work to simplify the process for our clients. With decades of experience and market insights, our textile sourcing team is well-equipped to effectively assess textiles, textile components, and their suppliers to achieve optimal quality and pricing results.

With experience sourcing a variety of textiles and textile components, including specialty and apparel fabric, synthetic and natural knits, and more, our textile sourcing experts understand the complex specifications that differentiate one textile product from another. Our detailed textile strategic sourcing process ensures you receive top quality material and service from apparel manufacturers, including:

Corcentric’s textile sourcing experts can do much more than help your team avoid critical errors, but also apply customized textile sourcing best practices to your overall textile product and supplier needs. Our direct materials category expertise, market intelligence,  tools, and technology will empower you to build optimal systems for sourcing textiles and textile components. Together, we’ll help you select a strategic textile supplier who can deliver a quality product, as well as exceptional service.

Procurement for Textiles

Textile Procurement for Retailers

The highly-aggressive nature of the retail industry places strain on textile Procurement teams. Corcentric leverages years of Strategic Sourcing best practices to advise retailers and optimize their textile sourcing processes. Armed with support from the Procurement experts, retailers can align their sourcing goals to increase their market share and develop more sustainable, efficient textile sourcing methods.

Textile Strategic Sourcing for Retailers

Sustainable, Ethical Textile Procurement

The Procurement team at Corcentric consider ethical sourcing practices and corporate social responsibility an essential component of their service offering. In textiles and other spend categories, they strive to align clients with reputable suppliers that enable them to meet their sustainability and ethics goals. They continually reveal to companies that ethical and cost-effective sourcing are one and the same.

Textile Procurement with Ethical Suppliers 

Sourcing Textiles for Packaging

Corcentric’s Procurement consultants support the textile sourcing needs of companies looking to optimize their packaging spend. With help from Corcentric, clients will align themselves with best-in-class textile suppliers, reduce costs, increase product quality, and improve lead times. Our broad industry expertise and wealth of sourcing best practices means a Procurement plan optimized to your organization’s specific packaging needs.

Textile Procurement for Packaging Spend

Textile Procurement for Manufacturers

The Procurement and Strategic Sourcing team at Corcentric help manufacturing organizations optimize spend in all categories, identify reliable and cost-effective suppliers for textiles and other materials, and develop processes for more efficient Procurement practices across their supply chain. Our textile Strategic Sourcing consultation produces results well beyond cost savings.

Sourcing Textiles for Manufacturing Companies

Nearshoring for Textile Procurement

Corcentric’s Procurement and Strategic Sourcing consultants are experts in enabling clients to right-size and stabilize their supply base. Avoid the risks associated with outsourced production or international supply chains with Corcentric’s nearshoring advisory services. We’ll realize savings and reduce risk factors in your textile sourcing operations.

Textile Procurement Nearshoring Reduces Costs

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