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Cost Reduction and Strategic Sourcing in Armored Cars and Armored Trucks

Whether you work in the Financial Services industry, Luxury Goods, or frequently transport high-value goods as part of your business, Corcentric’s Freight & Logistics procurement experts can help your company reduce costs in the Armored Services category.

While small parcel and freight services are useful for the transportation of goods on a day-to-day basis, there are certain industries and organizations that require additional security for their shipments beyond the standard services offered by these providers. Whether your business deals with high volumes of cash and currency or is consistently transporting valuable goods to customers and other locations, Armored Service providers can ensure the secure passage of your property. Armored service providers offer specialized, secure shipment services of high-value commodity goods via Armored Car or Armored Truck, including, but not limited to cash or currency, jewels, precious metals, pharmaceuticals, and cars.

Due to the wide array of armored services suppliers and service offerings available on the market, it can be difficult to identify the optimal logistics solution and service provider for your specific armored services needs. Furthermore, without the proper market intelligence, it can be hard to obtain competitive pricing for armored services. In order to ensure that your valuables are transported securely and efficiently, you need to find a supplier that provides quality, cost-effective armored services.

Corcentric’s Armored Services Procurement experts can help. Our logistics cost reduction specialists have subject-matter expertise in the armored services category and understand the specific service requirements that must be met to successfully manage the transportation of cash and valuable commodities. With category-specific market intelligence, our attention to detail is unmatched in the industry. Our Armored Services Strategic Sourcing experts have years of experience sourcing high-value shipment providers; we can work with your logistics team to establish clear timelines and criteria for selecting the best armored services provider for your unique needs.

With Corcentric’s Armored Services Cost Reduction Expertise, your procurement team will be able to:

  • Identify best-in-class armored transportation service providers through proprietary market intelligence and spend category expertise
  • Deliver innovative and practical secure logistics for your business
  • Improve visibility into the cost and service components of your armored transportation spend
  • Ensure consistency, timeliness, and security in the armored services shipment of valuable commodities
  • Improve efficiency through the implementation of valuable management systems, secure warehousing solutions, and armored services outsourcing
  • Take advantage of cost reduction opportunities by leveraging high-value courier market intelligence.

Corcentric’s logistics category experts understand that finding a high-quality and cost-effective supplier of armored services is of critical importance to your business. Our armored services cost reduction experts can help you to find a High-Value Transportation solution that addresses your unique shipment and courier needs, or improve your relationships and pricing with incumbent armored services providers.

Freight & Logistics Procurement Expertise

While Armored Truck services are required for the transportation of high-value assets, the additional security is not necessary for all shipments (i.e., lower value goods). For many organizations, small parcel or TL/LTL freight providers may be more applicable for your shipment needs. Corcentric’s cost reduction experts understand the different logistics services available in the market and can work with your organization to identify the best-suited provider, whether that be small parcel or Armored Car. We have Freight category experts with years of experience sourcing this spend category who can provide valuable market insight to help optimize your Logistics supply chain, efficiently allocate your spend based on service requirements, and ultimately deliver powerful results.

Freight & Logistics Strategic Sourcing

Specialty Courier Services

When your company needs to transport sensitive items quickly and in very precise conditions, a standard freight or small parcel carrier isn’t enough. Shipments like this require the additional services and attention to detail that only Specialty Courier services can offer. Corcentric’s freight and logistics cost reduction experts have specialized expertise with the specialty courier marketplace, and can help your company reduce costs in this category while maintaining if not improving your service levels.

Specialty Courier Strategic Sourcing

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