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Strategic Sourcing for Translation and Language Services

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Strategic Sourcing for Translation and Language Services

Don’t get lost trying to navigate the countless options when it comes to translation services. Let Corcentric help you find the best-fit language services provider for your business needs.

In today’s global business landscape, language services are a growing need as more companies of varying size, service offerings, and verticals seek ways to communicate and connect their business to the world. Increasing levels of globalization across international markets means that many companies need to find alternative avenues of communicating directly to customers in their own native language. This requires the most accurate, resourceful, and quick translation of advertising campaigns, interpreting in-coming and outbound calls, website localization, marketing communication, document translation, and much more.

A professional language service provider offers an array of advantages such as:

  • Ability to adapt to cultural nuances
  • Consistency through language standardization and control
  • Ability to handle large volume requirements
  • Freeing your internal resources to focus on your business

Given the variety of core competencies possessed by all the available providers,and all the ways in which they describe their capabilities, it can be challenging to find the best fit for your company’s requirements. With vast experience helping clients navigate the Language Service landscape, Corcentric can help your company find the best partner to fulfill your language translation and interpretation needs.

Our custom strategic sourcing process includes the following steps:

Whether you are looking to identify a Language Service Provider, or are scaling your business internationally and don’t know where to begin with the potential language barriers to come, Corcentric has the expertise and established relationships to connect you to the best-suited Language Provider to meet the full scope of your requirements.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you find a language service provider for your business’s needs.

Strategic Sourcing Solutions

Marketing, Advertising, and Media Buying

Without a doubt marketing is a critical component of a successful sales pipeline. However, selecting the right marketing agency can overburden already stretched-thing marketing departments, balancing strict timelines, rapid market changes, budget restrictions, and ever-advancing technology. Enter Corcentric. Our marketing sourcing team speaks both marketing and procurement languages, helping to bridge the gap between these two departments to deliver the results needed for both parties. Facilitating collaboration each step of the way, Corcentric will simplify the selection process whether you’re looking for a creative, digital, event planning, media buying, printing/ promotional, public relations services, or want to see how your agency stacks up to the market via an agency review. We’ll work to clearly identify your needs and build the transparency necessary for an effective agency relationship moving forward.

Agency Sourcing

Telecom and Wireless

As businesses grow or resize, telecom tail-end spend can quickly unravel without properly monitoring service usage and adjusting to business changes. Without proper management, telecom and IT services can rack up unnecessary costs and worse, payments at outdated rates. Corcentric provides an extensive telecommunications and wireless spend management solutions to rein in costs for organizations of all sizes, including, telecommunications spend management and cost reduction, benchmarking, and procurement services. Our telecom sourcing team works collaboratively through the entire sourcing process with our clients, to identify the best-fit telecommunications and wireless solutions, balancing both short-term goals with long-term needs.

Telecom Sourcing

Business Travel

Did you know that according to American Express, travel and travel entertainment accounts for 15% of all indirect operating expenses? Leveraging our strategic sourcing expertise, Corcentric’s travel expense management solutions will establish an efficient and cost effective travel program. Beginning with a comprehensive analysis of current travel expenses including agency fees and existing rates, our experts will work hand-in-hand with you to understand your requirements and manage the entire go-to-market process to identify the right travel agency for your needs. We’ll facilitate the entire negotiation and contracting process, so you can rest assured you’re achieving best-in-class terms.

Travel Sourcing

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