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Industrial Supplies Strategic Sourcing and Cost Reduction Services

Corcentric’s MRO Strategic Sourcing experts empower organizations to optimize their spend across categories including Industrial Supplies.

The Industrial Supplies category includes essential items like tools, hardware, fasteners, lab supplies, welding supplies, and more. Successfully sourcing industrial supplies is essential for maintaining daily operations within a warehouse or facility. Without them, organizations can’t function, produce their product, or serve their customer base.

Managing this MRO subcategory is not without its challenges. Conducting a Strategic Sourcing initiative in the Industrial Supplies category often means contending with product overlap, hard-to-please end users, and unexpected demand. An organization with a history of mismanaging MRO spend and supplier relationships can find it difficult to achieve both best-in-class pricing and end-user satisfaction.

Challenges of Industrial Supplies Strategic Sourcing

For the Procurement teams looking to reign in MRO spend, the Industrial Supplies marketplace can be difficult to navigate as it is crowded and highly competitive. With so many national vendors offering similar products, supplier identification can prove overwhelming. As a result of site-level purchasing, localized distribution, product substitutions, and brand loyalty, Industrial Supply sourcing tends to attract a lot of maverick spend. This, in turn, makes it difficult to standardize a sourcing approach. Many Industrial Supplies purchases are made irregularly. Without recurring Industrial Supply purchases, it’s often challenging to develop core item lists and negotiate pricing. Oftentimes, Industrial Supplies are needed immediately. Novice Procurement professionals could find it impossible to establish industrial vending agreements quickly enough.

Industrial Supplies Strategic Sourcing with Corcentric

Our MRO strategic sourcing specialists have spent years developing custom Industrial Supplies programs for our clients. Armed with a wealth of MRO market intelligence, we empower our clients to achieve the maximum possible value from their Industrial Supplies providers.

MRO Strategic Sourcing

Since 1992, Corcentric’s team of Strategic Sourcing consultants have built an unparalleled library of cross-category sourcing strategies, Procurement best practices, and market intelligence. Our MRO category make your Procurement team’s objectives a reality.

Lab Supplies Strategic Sourcing

Corcentric’s Strategic Sourcing experts empower clients to identify and execute cost savings initiatives and derive greater value from their Laboratory Suppliers and Services providers. We’ll work directly with your organization’s Procurement team to assess the supply base and establish partnerships with world-class suppliers. You’ll realize cost reduction without sacrificing quality.

Strategic Sourcing for Laboratory Supplies

PVF Strategic Sourcing

Corcentric’s MRO Strategic Sourcing specialists have the experience and insights necessary to help Procurement teams optimize their Pipes, Valves, and Fittings purchases. Supported by our wealth of market intelligence, they’ll realize hard dollar savings in addition to value-adds like expedited delivery, reduced freight costs, loyalty and rebate incentives, and more.

Strategic Sourcing for Pipes, Valves, and Fittings

Packaging Strategic Sourcing

Corcentric’s Procurement and Strategic Sourcing team empowers clients to optimize their approach to packaging spend. Our services provide Procurement teams with access to proven best practices, years of market intelligence, and our cutting-edge sourcing technologies. With our support, clients realize hard dollar cost savings, newly efficient processes, and more strategic vendor relationships.

Strategic Sourcing for Packaging

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