Source-to-Contract (S2C) Solutions

S2C provides a holistic view of spend, suppliers, and contracts so you can maximize procurement performance

Maximize upstream efficiency, savings, and business opportunities with Corcentric Source-to-Contract (S2C)

Source-to-contract refers to the numerous processes through which B2B procurement professionals analyze and optimize their operations to generate more value for the organization. By taking a deep dive into strategic sourcing and procurement activities, they can mitigate risks involving suppliers and maximize their spend management. Because so much goes into the upstream sourcing process, it can be extremely challenging to keep tabs on every single aspect. This is where Corcentric’s purpose-built solution comes into play.

Corcentric Source-to-Contract, or S2C, provides the complete spectrum of related upstream procurement processes required to optimize searching and finding just the right products and services your organization needs by choosing the right suppliers. These include analytics, sourcing, supplier management, and contract management. Corcentric S2C starts with a needs analysis of your particular products or services based on historical category spend for assessing savings and compliance opportunities.

Also referred to as strategic sourcing, our source-to-contract solutions examine the supplier base available within a spend category, implementing a sourcing strategy that includes negotiations, RFx, or reverse Auctions, creating contracts with key suppliers, and enabling supplier performance and risk monitoring.

Solid source-to-contract software and services from Corcentric gives your teams a holistic view of spend, suppliers, and contracts to ensure compliance, manage spend, and build relationships that maximize S2P procurement’s performance.


Supplier Management


Contract Lifecycle Management



Source optimized levels of savings,
pricing, compliance, and efficiency

Best-practice management of your sourcing process is your best opportunity to unlock more procurement value.

Determine Investor Relations

Spend Analytics

Unlock the savings, costs and efficiency hiding in your spend data

Advanced analytic and spend analysis tools give your company deeper insights into real-time spend and wider procurement behavior that converts data into actionable intelligence.

Corcentric Supplier Management

Supplier Management

Transform your suppliers into
valuable business assets

Build supplier relationships and ensure they become major assets generating competitive advantage, not risk.

Corcentric Contract Management

Contract Lifecycle Management

Leverage all your contracts as powerful decision-making and risk management tools

Optimize contract assets business processes to minimize risk, maximize savings, achieve compliance and generate bottom-line revenue.

Corcentric S2C automation ensures you spend smarter and build stronger supplier relationships so you can:

  • Gain a holistic, data-driven view across your supply chain and supplier base.
  • Mitigate third-party risk and establish supplier compliance.
  • Drive deeper collaboration with suppliers and vendor management.
  • Reduce or eliminate eSourcing process workflow inefficiencies.
  • Establish a seamless, high level of collaboration between stakeholders — internal and external.
  • Significantly reduce cycle times to accelerate business opportunities.
  • Better manage spend to cut costs and increase savings across categories.
  • Create contracts faster and more easily directly from sourcing events.

Learn how to turn S2C into ROI

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