Corcentric Intelligent Applications

Instantly translate data into insights for timely decision making and better business outcomes

Introducing Corcentric Intelligent Applications, built on an AI-powered platform which serves as the foundation for all of Corcentric’s next-generation products. Our platform augments human capabilities with intelligent solutions to reduce workload and empower faster, more informed business decisions.

Corcentric Intelligent Applications

With Intelligent Applications, we help your digitization journey by transforming outdated finance processes—realizing real-time data visibility, optimized processing time, and reduced operational costs.

Through Corcentric’s AI-powered technology, CFOs and leadership gain visibility into the full processing cycle through “one source of truth”.

Intelligent AP Automation

Intelligent AP Automation increases AP speed, efficiency, and productivity with intelligent data capture to maximize accuracy and decrease costs. Through artificial intelligence and machine learning, Intelligent AP Automation minimizes the effort and work required, reducing AP processing time from days to minutes.

  • Document Management: Identify, split, and rename documents, in real-time, across a fully automated process.
  • Process Optimization: Increasing speed and visibility at every stage, AI accurately identifies discrepancies and anomalies, and automatically codes invoices—with minimal human intervention.
  • Straight Through Processing: Reduce processing time through detailed line-item extraction, two- and three-way matching, and double verification.

Meet Gopher,
Our Intelligent Assistant

Gopher Intelligent Assistant leverages AI to automate complex business processes, empowering teams to make more informed decisions from anywhere. Collaborate seamlessly across the organization with access to key information at your fingertips and the ability to take action instantly—even while on the go.

  • Natural Language Processing: Save time and reduce training needs by interacting with Gopher in plain statements and questions.
  • Flexibility: Access data and keep workflows moving while on the go through conversational interactions on Microsoft Teams—without ever logging into the platform.
  • Adaptability: Custom knowledge base configured to your company’s most asked prompts and data retrieval needs.

See how AI impacts the cost of processing a single invoice:


Manual data entry

Source: AIIM AP & P2P Report


Template based OCR

Source: Max Palmer, Due


Combined AI data capture

Source: Corcentric AI Evaluation
Sylvain Feraud
Onboard-To-Pay Director, Servier
“Unlike a chatbot, it is a two-way assistant that sends notifications in Teams to remind us of our tasks to do. As the Assistant improves, we discover new use cases. This is what will differentiate a classic chatbot from a real smart tool that brings added value to our teams.”

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