Core Framework

Integrate, align, and optimize all
your data, processes, and people

Best-of-breed solutions on a single platform; modular, configurable, seamless

More than ever, organizations need increased agility, deeper capabilities, better resilience, and total collaboration to stay competitive. The Corcentric Platform is a source-to-pay platform that replaces data silos seamlessly by simplifying complex workflows through ease of configuration and business process management. Integrating data across people, departments, suppliers, and geographies, the Corcentric Platform opens new channels of communication and visibility that lead to improved savings, spend compliance, risk mitigation, and bottom-line performance.


Missing Data

Does lack of visible, verified Master Data slow processes, raise costs, and create risk?


No Workflow

Do disparate point solutions impede workflow and disrupt collaborative efforts?


Systems Integration

If your systems don’t integrate with your ERP, how much inefficiency is created?



3rd-Party Applications


Artificial Intelligence, RPA + ML

Data + Document Management

Master Data Management


Enterprise Integration

Security + Audit Traceability

“Corcentric also has a powerful configuration engine which could benefit those organizations with a strong need to support unique business rules and workflow requirements either locally or globally.”


Seamless at go-live

The Core Framework standardizes processes and approval workflows so your business stakeholders can manage purchase requisitions, contracts, supplier information, purchase orders, invoices, payments, or any other procurement task, seamlessly and quickly. Corcentric offers a differentiated business process-oriented workflow engine that enables the solution to incrementally build primary and secondary workflows over time and tie them together seamlessly in one platform.


Model your business easily

Configuring your organizational structure and process on the Corcentric Platform is a snap. Whether you’re a mid-market company or global enterprise, as a leading S2P cloud platform, the Core Framework allows you to model your organization and business process automation needs easily, including the ability to turn functions on and off (and control which users have access to which modules) depending on specific requirements. We provide IT an application environment that allows you to easily scale Corcentric Platform requirements up or down while delivering the highest level of performance and security in the cloud.


Remove the barriers with open
communication channels

Create conversation forums, internally and externally, using native business communication capabilities on the Corcentric Platform. Using forums and AI-infused Digital Assistant, Corcentric helps you effortlessly establish communication channels to track conversations and directly engage our platform to manage business topics that most impact you and your key stakeholders. The Corcentric Platform allows you stay connected without lifting a finger.

3rd-Party Applications

Extend third-party content on a single platform

Reimagine how you create information by integrating third-party data on a single platform through our app design. Using Corcentric’s app store feature, you can plug into leading third-party data solutions (e.g., Beroe, DocuSign, e-Attestations, Provigis, SOVOS and more) to enrich and enhance visibility, reduce risk, and improve compliance.

Intuitive + Responsive Design

Ease of use that speeds user buy-in

Realize a user experience intuitive enough to be used by everyone across business units and devices with minimal-to-no training, with dashboards for stakeholders and approvers to maintain situational awareness and process oversight.

Data + Document Management

100% visibility into POs, invoices,
contracts, and other documents

Requisitions, purchase orders, and invoices are all just collections of line items with associated metadata. This approach may sound simple, but it is, in fact, what allows the entire lifecycle of a product (or service) to be tracked and managed from cradle to grave. Our approach allows for easy n-tier matching between goods receipts, invoices, purchase orders, contracts and suppliers – all in one solution.

Master Data Management

A single source of data truth

Corcentric Platform enables master data management capabilities that support a range of reference data in a push/pull manner (within the system, but outside of it as well — e.g., to/from ERP). This is based on the power of our Core Framework to become your master data repository across suppliers, contracts, and other procurement information. Remove data blind spots and establish unlimited visibility and insights.

requisition analytics

Platform Analytics

Make business decisions based
on real-time and historical data

A wide range of on-demand reporting and dashboard capabilities provides the information necessary to gain greater control over spend, contracts, suppliers, or any sourcing or procurement data created and maintained within the Corcentric Platform.

Structured data and electronic invoicing for EU invoicing compliance

Enterprise Integration

All systems go!

The Corcentric Core Framework is designed to integrate seamlessly with any ERP, finance, accounting, and other systems to break down barriers between business units so you achieve visibility and process efficiency across the enterprise.

Security + Audit Traceability

Defend your data and processes

As a leading global platform, Corcentric delivers a level of scalability and complexity without compromising on data security. At its heart, the Corcentric Platform delivers on-going business monitoring to keep you abreast of fraud or IT risk, while meeting global data compliance and integrity requirements through enhanced platform auditing and reporting capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence, ML + RPA

Leverage deep learning processes to improve decision making, enhance automation, and drive efficiency

Corcentric optimizes your O2C and S2P processes by infusing our software solutions with advanced AI-augmented technology. In a dynamic industry, the ability of our platform solutions to intelligently learn and improve processes in real time, predict probabilities, and forecast outcomes provides a distinct competitive advantage.

Standardization typically represents significant savings costs of anything between 10 and 30% but is only possible if MDM is consistent, reliable,
and robust.”
Procurement Master Data, “The Bedrock of Success”

Get all your people, processes, and data in alignment on the Corcentric Platform

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