Corcentric Invoice Management

Invoice Management Automation Software

Increase productivity + accuracy
by automating invoices

Streamline manual AP processes, improve invoice workflow,
and move away from tedious paper invoices.

Eliminate the inefficiency, risks, and costs of paper-based invoices

The cost to your company of manual invoice management can be measured by the amount of time wasted, errors not identified, payments delayed, and discounts not captured. Increase control over the entire payables process – from invoice receipt and approver responsiveness through invoice automation.


Labor Intensive

Is your AP team grappling with manual, error-prone invoicing and payments?


Vendor Impact

Are paper-based processes frustrating your suppliers and slowing business?


Time Wasters

Is too much time spent handling errors, exceptions, and missing paperwork?

Alejandro Gusis
“CPO of the Year” by Ardent Partners
“I was just approving invoices in our ERP system, I have to say
Corcentric Platform is infinitely better.”
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Invoice Management Automation

Resolving matching errors and exceptions requires great effort for many businesses. Eliminate redundant manual entries through automated invoice processing. 

  • Supplier invoice entry 
  • Automatic invoice matching  
  • Manual invoice matching  
  • Internal reinvoicing

Invoice Virtualization

Increase productivity by ensuring the highest level of data capture accuracy. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence you have the ability to scan, convert, validate, and transfer paper-based invoices into electronic images.

invoice management ap entires

AP Entry + Allocation Management

Managing the books, Corcentric invoice automation generates accruals and AP entries during the purchasing process for real-time reporting and seamless integration with your  ERP or accounting system.


Tax + Invoice Compliance Management

Easily adapt your financial accounting according to different countries’ accounting requirements and methods globally. Corcentric integrates leading technologies for managing signature validations, invoice indexing, and invoice archival.

  • SOVOS – e-invoicing compliance for signature validation and e-invoicing compliant archiving
  • Xelians – receiving paper supplier invoices, indexing, and archiving for EU regulatory compliance
invoice management payments

Payment Management

Achieve detailed payment management from purchasing cards to paid status, related to charge backs or payment amount allocations.



Invoice automation removes frustration


of AP professionals’ time
is spent bogged down by
a seemingly endless list of
manual transaction processes.



say exceptions remain the bane
of AP’s existence, slowing processing
and creating bottlenecks that mute efficiency and effectiveness.

SOURCE: Ardent Partners

Invoice Automation

Scale AP productivity by up to 70% without adding headcount

Eliminate time spent on manual invoice matching and tracking down approvals

Eliminate duplicate payments and time-consuming bottlenecks

Digitize invoices to easily find and view their audit trails

Reduce invoice disputes and questions to a bare minimum

Elevate your accounts payable department to a strategic asset

Customers across industries leverage
our automated invoice capabilities

Invoice Management FAQs

What is invoice management?

Invoice management is how a company links the process of purchasing goods and services to the process of validating, tracking, and paying (vendor and supplier) invoices for those goods and services.

How can organizations benefit from invoice management?

Effective invoice management solutions help companies remove time-consuming manual processes, eliminate environmental paper waste, reduce errors, and provide strong financial controls that decrease the risk of fraud.

How can artificial intelligence (AI) improve invoice management?

AI invoice automation “learns” and evolves on an ongoing basis. While processing big data, it contextualizes information and understands different languages. Most importantly, employees previously responsible for related tasks are free to focus on more strategic contributions to the organization.

How does invoice management impact cash flow?

Strong invoice management processes in accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR) guarantee you are billing and paying on time. It also provides the financial controls needed to reduce risk from fraud and allow for more accurate financial predictive modeling.

What is Corcentric’s invoice management solution?

Corcentric provides the technology and the talent to help organizations streamline manual AP processes, improve invoice workflow, implement artificial intelligence, and move away from tedious paper invoices with Corcentric’s invoice management software.

What is the difference between accounts payable and invoice management?

Both accounts payable and invoice management share the same objective; paying vendors on time and identifying ways to improve the bottom line.

A successful invoice management solution includes reducing the risk of fraudulent suppliers and invoices with enrollment solutions that validate and assess risk; removing errors made during manual processes; automating approval workflows; automatic 2-way and 3-way matching; and making and tracking payments, credits, rebates, refunds, and reconciliation.

Invoice management links the procurement process to the process of managing that supplier’s invoices.

How does invoice management improve payment visibility?

Manual and paper processes decrease the ability to make payment information visible and easy to access. Having the ability to centralize every invoice in a digital medium provides 24-hour/365-day access into the status of all invoices.

Take the pain out of your slow, manual, and costly invoice management

Learn how Corcentric can help you build a
business case to win stakeholder approval.

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