Supplier Information Management Solution

Turn supplier relationships
into competitive advantages

Get the most out of your suppliers — beyond discounts and deals — with Corcentric Supplier Information Management (SIM) software

Supplier Information Management software eliminates the manual processes of managing your suppliers. Corcentric SIM retrieves, organizes, and manages supplier information while maximizing engagement and data quality across your global supplier base while ensuring minimum risk and delivering high efficiency.

Corcentric Supplier Information Management Introduction

The benefits of implementing Corcentric SIM:

Supplier Certification Management
Supplier Onboarding
Supplier Visibility

Supplier Repository

  • Leverage a responsive cloud-based centralized vendor information management repository for easy access in discovering, importing, and managing relationships
  • Full visibility is the first step to effective third-party management and standardizing supplier processes
  • Integration with Corcentric Master Data management provides continuous improvement and quality checks of supplier data
  • Simple access to find and review vendor data across the organization enables better control and insights into performance and more comprehensive reporting

Supplier Certification Management

  • Ensure supplier compliance with tools and data built right into the supplier dashboard
  • Set alerts and notifications for missing credentials, expiring documents and supplier data changes
  • Develop and enhance metrics by maintaining supplier risk management goals
  • Achieve organizational and regulatory mandates regarding supplier diversity and other CSR targets

Supplier Onboarding

  • Treat your suppliers like customers through our fast and easy supplier onboarding software that features a frictionless process—internally and externally
  • Ensuring the same level of detailed information across your roster of new suppliers provides increased opportunities to build business
  • Validation built-in to onboarding establishes compliance from day one

Supplier Visibility

  • Get complete visibility with a real-time, holistic view of all your suppliers — related documents, linked transactions, contracts, sourcing events, certifications, scorecards, workflows, and more
  • Consolidate supplier scorecards to see aggregate scores, performance ratings, and general performance trending
  • Better manage supplier relationships and collaborate across processes with verified data collated from a single source so everyone has access to the same information

The Corcentric Supplier Portal:
A centralized source of unlimited possibilities
to drive business…

…for Buyers
  • Get the most up-to-date information and select suppliers according to the most recent data visible in one place (avoid the need for multiple exchanges by phone, email, etc.).
  • Buyers can provide information to suppliers securely and quickly, and all communications are tracked.
  • Leverage the portal for single or mass supplier importing, simplifying and accelerating the process.
  • Suppliers can be approved/rejected based current data – validations, certifications and other criteria.
…for Suppliers
  • Suppliers receive invitations to update data and connect to the portal at no cost.
  • Only approved suppliers will be able to access the supplier portal.
  • Eligible suppliers can participate directly in sourcing events, review contracts, check invoices, upload/update catalogs, and more.
  • Suppliers can initiate buyer engagement through the portal with just a few clicks and get down to business.

Supplier Portal capabilities:

Certification Management

Information required for certification and finalization of referencing (Supplier Scorecard) is managed through the portal and transferred directly to customers.

RFx Management

RFx are submitted to suppliers; Suppliers respond and validate requests; Supplier proposals and quotes are then transferred to the customer directly in the solution.

Catalog Management

Suppliers can load catalogs and items directly into the supplier portal. When a client imports a supplier, the supplier catalogs are included.

Order Journey

When suppliers receive client purchase orders, order receipt and preparation can be confirmed via the supplier portal.

PO Flip

Buyers can send purchase orders electronically to suppliers and automatically flip the PO into an e-Invoice.


A supplier has the ability to generate an invoice from the portal and send it directly from the portal to their customers.

Get more value and innovation out of your 3rd-party relationships with Corcentric Supplier Information Management

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