Supplier Risk and Performance Management

Optimize suppliers
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Corcentric Supplier Risk + Performance Management (SRPM) keeps your eyes on the KPIs

Real-time supplier performance visibility means control, agility, and proactive relationship management. Corcentric Supplier Risk + Performance Management software gives you the flexibility to measure and manage supplier performance with a self-service approach and one comprehensive supplier database accessible across all source-to-pay functions. Supplier performance is always displayed as part of the scorecard on the supplier profile, with simplified tools to create and import ratings, create supplier questionnaires and evaluations, and more.

Corcentric Supplier Performance + Risk Management Introduction

The benefits of implementing Corcentric Supplier Risk Management Software:

Supplier Survey
Supplier Risk

Compliance Management

  • Continuously assess supplier performance in real time measured against your own configurable benchmarks — both quantitative and qualitative
  • Keep tabs on how well suppliers are adhering to standards according to SLAs and other documents with this supplier risk software
  • Set automatic alerts and notifications based on status updates or event triggers
  • Digitization and automation of the legal and regulatory control of third parties on the basis of multiple criteria (Sapin II Law, CSR, Fight against hidden work, etc.)
  • Securing commercial relations between companies by guaranteeing the compliance of all subcontractors and suppliers
  • Full integration of compliance, creation and supplier referencing processes with solutions like Provigis and e-Attestations
supplier management performance management

Supplier Scorecards

  • Consolidated view of supplier performance metrics specific to each supplier with a range of configurable parameters found in our supplier compliance management software
  • Scorecards display color differentiated categories & metrics with scores, performance rating, transactions in progress, and the general trend of supplier performance based on customizable scorecard categories and weighting criteria
  • Aggregate supplier information from certification questionnaires, surveys, receipt ratings, direct ratings and imported ratings to get a view of overall supplier performance
  • Track supplier performance through time graphically and by exploring historic scoring events

Supplier Survey Campaigns

  • Solicit feedback from stakeholders about supplier performance as part of a comprehensive supplier management program by scheduling periodic survey evaluations
  • Scores collected from survey campaigns can link to metrics that will update overall supplier scorecards
  • Template survey questionnaires simplify and speed the collection and analysis of responses
  • Implement ongoing performance reviews and supplier self-assessments to ensure your suppliers are meeting your standards

Supplier Risk Management

  • Establish a more holistic view of suppliers based on company profiles and supplier risk information such as financial, environmental non-compliance, sustainability, ethical/regulatory non-compliance, cyber security, and labor, health and safety non-compliance
  • Extend supplier performance, corporate sustainability, and wider GRC assessments to your supply base by identifying suppliers you are working with that meet your stakeholder requirements
  • Establish unified supplier profile views within Corcentric Supplier Management to extend real-time visibility into other areas with dedicated supplier risk views integrated with Corcentric Supplier Performance and Supplier Information Management
  • Leverage 3rd-party data from Beroe “Know Your Supplier” that extends access to best-in-class supplier data from leading third parties like CreditSafe, D&B, Dow Jones, Moody’s, and Security Scorecard

Treat supplier networks as the strategic assets they are to maximize performance

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