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Procurement Category Management Services

Leading businesses need Procurement
to function as a category manager

Category Management empowers Procurement
to empower the organization

To reach its full potential, Procurement needs to broaden its category expertise and extend its capabilities to serve the entire business. Corcentric’s Category Management team has the experience and expertise necessary to help your team develop and deliver on strategies to serve every major spend category. Whether or not spend areas like Marketing or IT have been off-limits to Procurement in the past, Corcentric will embed itself within the organization to close knowledge gaps and maximize the value of every dollar spent on procurement with category management.

Count on Corcentric to assess the supply base, manage the strategic sourcing process, oversee short- and long-term projects, and provide for ongoing category management in purchasing – whatever your organization’s internal Procurement resources and capabilities.


Marketing and Procurement don’t always see eye-to-eye. Bridge the gap between the functions and empower them to empower one another with insights from Corcentric’s experienced sourcing and Category Management experts.

IT + Telecom

Your technology keeps your organization running and an effective category strategy for procurement can make the difference between taking the business to a new level or breaking the bank on the wrong set of tools. Corcentric can help you make the most of every IT and Telecom purchase.


Logistics isn’t like most other spend categories. It’s directly tied to your business operations and requires a unique, forward-thinking approach. Corcentric equips you to approach the category strategically and obtain great pricing without sacrificing service levels.

Human Resources

A more strategic approach to HR spend not only means smarter purchasing for all the department’s essentials. In the long term, it could mean attracting better talent, retaining world-class talent longer, and building a reputation as an organization with an innovative approach to managing its people. Corcentric can help you get there.

Maintenance, Repair,
and Operations

Taking a tactical, decentralized approach to MRO sourcing and purchasing often leaves your organization settling for inferior service levels and leaving money on the table. Bring the category under management with insights and hands-on support from the team at Corcentric.

Customers across industries rely on Corcentric to make Procurement a trusted, strategic ally

Develop and execute category strategies to drive innovation and
build competitive advantages

Take a more informed, strategic, and innovative approach to your most essential and most complicated spend areas with Corcentric’s Category Management services.

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